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Making a Statement with Unique Weddings

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Today’s weddings demand wedding couples to think outside of the box, far out, and completely off the wall, because weddings these days are all about making a statement. It’s about who you are and putting your personality into your big day. To keep up with these statement-making wedding couples, we made an effort to write down some pretty unique wedding ideas. Forget about signature wedding gowns,  the intricately arranged bouquet of flowers, or the neatly pulled hair and polished look of the bride, let’s just have some fun.

Colorful Wedding Gown. Ditch the usual all-white-all-pearly look. Go for a wedding gown with vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow, or even green. You can also chose to wear black if you feel extra edgier and feistier. For the groom, you might as well want him to stash his black or gray suit in exchange of a tux that matches your gown to justify your unique wedding. Now that’s where festivity meets creativity.

The Cake. You want a super fun and unique wedding. So what could be more fun than customizing your wedding cake? Tall and extravagantly designed wedding cakes are so out there, so make a statement by selecting a Super Mario cake or a piano-shaped cake. Think of an essential item related to your wedding theme and make it your wedding cake.

The Bridal Car. What would a unique wedding be without a totally special bridal car that’s worthy of a distinction? Imagine the super fast sports cars as bridal cars, the vintage wagon held by horses, or the huge fire truck as your wedding car, has anyone done this in the past? Not really.

Wedding Theme. This is the very main reason why today’s weddings became unique weddings. Concepts like medieval wedding, victorian wedding, sporty wedding, halloween wedding, and fairy tale wedding are all products of wedding themes. This is the part of every wedding preparation where you decide whether to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

A unique wedding means creating a statement. And creating a statement is all about breaking the barriers of norms and transcending limits. Whatever concept you are trying to make, always make sure to put your heart into it.

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