What is A4 Paper?

What exactly is A4 paper?, I get asked each of the time, so I’m going to distill the experience of the years here for the benefit.

297mm x 210mm (Simples)

The very first thing to understand is that all European office paper sizes are based on an ‘aspect ratio of v2’ so, beginning with the biggest paper size A0 (equivalent to 1 square metre ) essentially that is certainly divided into two to provide A1, then folded on the quick edge to offer A2, – it’s a bit like origami, folded around the short edge to provide A3 – which can be folded on its brief edge to provide A4. Certainly if you fold A4 on it is short edge you get A5 and on and on down to A10.

The main benefit of this system is its scaling. Folded brochures of any size is often produced by using sheets of your next bigger size, e.g. A4 folded tends to make an A5 Brochure. The system also enables scaling without compromise from one size to another e.g. enlarging A4 to A3 around the office copier machine.

All pretty exciting, but how big is an actual piece of A4 paper?, well 297mm x 210mm or 11.27in x 8.27in.

A4 is definitely the most commonly used paper size in Europe, but in the USA and Canada they’re still using ‘Letter Size’ that is 216mm x 279mm (8.5 x 11in) which is 6mm (0.24in) wider and 18mm (0.71in) shorter. I’m certain that you just like me have attempted to print documents that had been saved in Letter size as well as your printer refuses point blank to print the facts!.

A4 Weight

The other key measurement of a piece of paper is it’s weight, here’s one more intriguing truth that you simply may not be aware of; the weight of every sheet is simple to calculate provided the basis weight in grams per square metre (g/m2 or gsm). Considering that an A0 sheet has an area of 1m2, its weight in grams would be the similar as its basis weight in gsm. An A4 sheet produced from 80 g/m2 paper weighs 5g, because it is one 16th (4 halvings) for an A0 page.

So, whenever you are planning to obtain Low-cost A4 paper you ought to be conscious on the size, the paper weight and no matter whether is is suitable for your inkjet or laserjet printer – or each. Here at Stinkyink.Com we now stock a large range of different paper optimised for your inkjet or laserjet printers. As we use the paper ourselves we realize that it’s economical and match for objective – we will not purchase paper that tends to jam in our printers!

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