What Factors Contribute To Drilling Rig Injuries

When we speak of natural gas and oil, its rich deposits can be found underneath the soil. But the highly sought-after resources can also be found in the most challenging of environments – at the bottom of the sea. That’s why hardcore drilling companies set up their rigs in what Houston offshore injury lawyers deem as one of the most dangerous jobs sites in the world. Working in these jobs exposes riggers to serious occupational hazards like drilling rig injuries or death.

You have to understand that an injured drill rigger goes through physical pain and emotional hurt. Imagine the pain of being the breadwinner but with nothing to provide for your family. Indeed, the injury can cripple the body and the soul. Fortunately, certain laws afford these injured workers rights to compensation and indemnity. Consulting a Houston offshore injury lawyer is the best recourse for these disheartened drill riggers.

The legal assistance from a Houston offshore injury lawyer is a huge boost to an injured worker’s cause to get compensation and enforce his rights. Here are a couple of factors that increase a drill rigger’s risk of injury of death:

The noise that is generated by the drilling machine can cause ear drum problems. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide ear plugs to prevent such injuries.

Faulty equipment. Malfunctioning tools often result from poor upkeep. To minimize the workers’ risk of injuries or death, employers are responsible for making the necessary maintenance and repair of these tools.

Fatigue. Fatigue increases the risk for occupational hazards since overly worked and tired workers often commit blunders. To reduce the likelihood of work accidents, employers should make sure that their workers are given sufficient rest periods and days off.

Insufficient training. Employers who rush their workers to do the job without adequate training may be held liable for the resulting injuries that these workers incur. Poor training leads to ineptitude and clumsiness on the job, which contributes to an increased risk for injuries or death.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it illustrates how easily life on a drilling rig can lead to life-altering injury or even death as a result of employer negligence. When an employer’s actions — or in some cases, inaction — leads to dire consequences, the law provides recourse for the employee or his family to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential and other damages. A qualified Houston offshore injury lawyer is the best person to talk to in order to determine what rights you have following an injury in this type of work environment.

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