Wedding DJ Entertainment Packages

Two-thirds of wedding couples who chose a live band for the wedding reception wish they had chosen a wedding DJ entertainment package instead. Almost 80 percent of brides who gave a lower priority to their wedding entertainment wished they had made it a top priority; virtually 100 percent of them wished they had budgeted more for that entertainment. As for the guests, over 80 percent of them remembered, and, if successful, appreciated the entertainment more than any other aspect of the wedding, even favors and food.

These statistics all point to one unavoidable fact that brides and grooms to be should seriously consider and plan for their wedding: a wedding DJ entertainment package will offer the brief non-music periods of entertainment with exceptionally skilled live entertainment with appropriate energy, laughter, nostalgia, tenderness and romanticism while offering music with which the bride, groom and their guests are intimately familiar.

Wedding celebration entertainment is supposed to be entertaining; isnt that the point? If weddings you remember merely seemed to have background music as filler for dead air while other traditional wedding celebration activities are proceeding, thats not entertainment; thats background atmosphere. For that, it would have been just as effective to burn a wedding ceremony CD. Some weddings opt for that, but given the above statistics, they would suggest that what is really wanted and what is really remembered by the bride and groom and the guests is the entertainment, or lack of it.

What makes a wedding DJ entertainment package the best choice in entertainment?

The best answer was already given above: it is a blend of live entertainment by a competent, professional, entertaining DJ/MC plus music everyone appreciates. The nostalgia and the music playing when a couple first met or first danced might have been the Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody,” but it was not some collected musicians cheesy version. And thats why the Righteous Brothers own the number one hit and not the band playing their ginned-up version at the wedding. The DJ will play the Righteous Brothers. If you have the budget to hire the Righteous Brothers, fine, but they broke up before the Beatles and Bobby Hatfield is no longer among us, so, good luck.

But between the songs, the DJ/MC has small segments of time that can be filled with entertaining banter that, if well chosen, will have the guests laughing, crying, thoroughly enjoying themselves and remembering the event as one they wished they had enjoyed at their wedding, or will want to match at their future wedding.

Poorly planning wedding couples will spend vast amounts of money on wedding favors and lavish dinners for their guests and hire a cheap band or a so-so DJ and then lament the above statistics. For the average wedding, the typical entertainment is allotted about 10 percent of the budget and is remembered 80 percent of the time. Give more budget for what people will remember and appreciate.

For a memorable and entertaining wedding celebration (isn’t that the point?), a wedding DJ entertainment package will shine even if the reception dinner is burgers and fries and the favors are kazoos.

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