Want to propose her this Valentines Day?

A month of love, February is on the doorsteps. With love in the air, everybody wants to get with their loves of life. Being in love is itself is a great feeling. Some desires for a promise of togetherness while some are still waiting for that “YES, I do”. Each of us tries to propose our love in a way that makes her feel special.

If it has been a long time since you fell in love with her and want to express it, then it is the right time to make your love confessions. However, every time is a correct time for expressing your emotions but still if you haven’t done it yet, than confess it on this valentine.

Here are few ways which can surely make your love proposal sealed with a big and happy “YES”.

Reel your journey

Make a movie of your whole journey of togetherness. Create a storyline, for instance how you met, how you get to know about each other, how you get the feeling of love. Then collect pictures which can speak loud about your journey, select songs matching with the situations and you are all set to reel them in a movie. Don’t forget to keep sub titles that can express your feelings loud.

Craft your love

If you are creative enough and good in art & craft then this proposal will surely win her heart. Girls are very emotional and sensitive towards feelings. To make your proposal touch her heart, engrave your feelings via crafting them. You can make a card or design framed quotations or photo frames that can articulate your feelings. Use foam sheets, handmade sheets, ribbons, sparkles, colors to make it look WOW!!

Go Choco-licious!!

Chocolates are the best way to pamper her. They are girl’s favorite too. Wrap your proposal with the essence of chocolate to impress her. Get a pack of customized chocolates packed for her. A chocolate bouquet or a chocolate message card, liquor chocolate or chocolate accessories, there are so many options to choose from. Compliment your chocolate gifts with a love note and win her heart.

Knock her door

If you are dare enough, then surprise her by visiting her house. The concept of wishing at 12 in midnight will surely fade down over your early morning visit to her house. Knock her door, get down on your knees and confess your love in most romantic way. Propose her by heart and awe her feelings for you and your love.

Say it loud

If you have guts to confess your feelings loud in crowd then go for it. Get your proposal aired on radios and televisions. You can also get your love note printed in newspaper. For instance, a proposal in poetic form or with rhyming words sounds very romantic. But before you choose this way of confession, beware of her sentiments too. Don’t get the way which may hurt her feelings and emotions. Ask her friends to know about what she thinks of this idea.

I am Suresh Kumawat and I work for the leading gemstone jewelry manufacturing company. I write description for my company and years of experience have given me a detailed knowledge of the same. As the valentine’s day is around the corner, I suggest you the best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

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