Want To Know The History Of Swiss Army Watches?

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The company that’s most associated with the Swiss Army trademark, Victorinox, has existed more than a hundred years. We all know about the basic Swiss Army knife after all this time, although not as many people understand the meticulous attention to detail that goes into their valuable Swiss Army watches. This particular article talks about a few of the reasons that these swiss wrist watches are of the top quality.

Victorinox had been providing their popular knives for longer than a hundred years when the company sensed the need to develop other useful tools that would go with their very first tool. After a survey in the United states, their most significant sector, showed decisionmakers that many people were open to buying other accessories which matched up with their knives in quality, they began thinking about other available choices. Eventually, the firm decided they would crank out a line of Swiss Army wristwatches as a result of the vibrant reputation for Swiss excellence within that industry.

During the early goings, they had a specific quandary they needed to conquer; providing first-rate watches demanded them to have control over the final construction of the wristwatches. In order to achieve desire, the company’s decisionmakers ultimately built a unique facility in 2002 which would permit them to have full influence over the creation of their Swiss watches.

Don’t forget that a huge amount of the time and effort you need to make and assemble top notch timepieces has got to still be accomplished by hand by experts with tremendous watchmaking talent. The fact that they continue to make timepieces of great quality is really an astounding accomplishment by itself; the company manufactures more or less 1 million wristwatches each and every year, even with a labor force that is largely composed of real human laborers.

Swiss Army timepieces are created from only the very best components. The vast majority of the watches they produce are constructed from ETA movements. ETA is the name of a genuinely Swiss company that creates movements for timepieces (the gadget that basically helps make the motion of the ticking watch hands). ETA movements are normally found in the majority Genuine Swiss wristwatches, such as the high-end luxury companies such as Tag Heuer and Omega.

In spite of their supreme quality, Victorinox along with Swiss wrist watch companies are under assault from another dilemma. These legitimate Swiss watchmaking organizations are seeing large numbers of overseas companies emerge out of nowhere with second-rate watches. The reason these companies are showing up is due to a regulation that states that wristwatches can be viewed as “Swiss-made” if the movement is at a minimum 50 % from a Genuine Swiss provider.

Particularly, quite a few Oriental companies, have exploited this rule. They create wristwatches that they claim are “Swiss made”, charge a top quality price for their wristwatches, then produce them with a far lower standard than authentic Swiss made wrist watches. Brand new providers without the reputation are riding the coattails of the global recognition that Swiss watch companies have earned during more than 100 years merely because they refer to themselves as “Swiss-made” and prospective buyers automatically take for granted that the watches are top notch as well.

In the face of this issue, the Swiss watchmaking industry will continue to remain resilient. Here is a figure that probably has the leaders of the Swiss watchmaking industry smiling: only three percent of the millions of timepieces consumers buy in the whole world are Swiss-made watches, but well over 50% of the dollars paid for wristwatches across the world goes toward paying for them. And it goes without saying that leading that group are corporations such as Victorinox that sell watches of great quality at moderate prices.

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