Vona Consulting Helps New Client Overcome Challenges Of Manufacturing In China

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Vona Consulting, a leading China manufacturing and global sourcing service firm with offices in the U.S. and China, is matching business’s needs with the resources to create the value these businesses are looking for. Vona Consulting’s expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions for business in the US looking to source products from China for a more affordable price through their a global perspective along with in-depth knowledge of the multifaceted issues and challenges that US. companies face in China. The company recently successfully helped a client in the U.S. mass produce a special type of E27 SMD LED bulb in China.

When the clients came to seek Vona Consulting’s help, they had a very clear vision and set requirements, they were looking to start with an order of 2000 bulbs and their estimate for over the course of 2 years was 25,000 bulbs. They were seeking a Chinese LED manufacturing firm that would not only produce the required quantities but also maintain quality, and lower their total manufacturing in China cost by at least 28%. With such clear goals, the consultants at Vona had their work cut out for them. However, the major roadblock occurred when the partnered manufacturers in Guangzhou that specialize in the production of various types of LEDs, informed the consultants that they had MOQ of 3000 bulbs, while the client’s requirement was just 2000. Vona successfully negotiated a lower MOQ for the client on the grounds of intent to utilize the manufacturer to produce 25,000 bulbs during the next two years. Through their powerful negotiation skills and good terms based on their long-term partnership with the manufactures in China including metal fabrication companies , Vona was able to save almost 31% on production costs (compared to manufacturing in the US.)

Vona Consulting is headed by its founder Weifeng Zheng, an entrepreneur born in Shanghai. Weifeng possesses almost 10 years of experience of assisting 200 companies source over 1500 products in China. Furthermore, Weifeng grew up in a family closely involved in international trade and manufacturing, which has given him a keen sense of business. Today, professional China manufacturing firm, we have experience producing plastics, wood, metal, clothing, and electronics in China, helping businesses in the US with cut and sew manufacturers and more.


Vona Consulting, Ltd is a professional China manufacturing firm that specializes in solving problems and challenges faces by companies and individuals in the US when manufacturing their products in China. based in the US with branch offices through China.

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China Office: 179 Li Hua Qiao Road, Ningbo, China
Phone: 86-0574-83038167
US Office: 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
Phone: 1-212-457-1068
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