Video Is Important Factor Which Can Make Flipbook More Readable

Video is one of the most important ways to express information nowadays. It is the perfect combination of animation and voice. So business man tends to create a video for the sake of propaganda. And industry also prefers to show product feature in a video. There are many websites for uploading video for free, YouTube is the one well known by everyone on Internet. By now, you may naturally think of advertisement. Advertisement is commonly used way for promoting business. It is always effective if you have done enough preparation.

However, why we consider video as an important factor which can make flipbook more readable? Let’s learn more about video:

Give an intuitive impression;
Enable people to get information easily;
Give a deep impression by animation and sound;
Provide a more interesting way than reading a plain book.

Page flipping software is used to make PDF document a total different appearance. It enables user to insert multiple multimedia resources, such as image, SWF animation, links, photo slideshow, movie, etc. A responsible software provider should know well about marketing and provide application which suits needs. Professional flip software always has powerful editing functions. Embedding video is necessary. In generally, we can embed two kinds of video into a flash page flip publication. They are YouTube video and FLV movie. You can embed YouTube video into page simply by using the Video ID. And as to FLV movie, just import one into page from your computer.

Embed YouTube video is a wise choice because you need to upload your video onto YouTube website at first. This is also an effective way to allow more people access to your video and know your book. You do not need to pay for upload and are able to insert the video in an easy way. It is really cost-effective and easy-to-operate. What’s more, the video will not add much new file size to your output file.

However, if you don’t want to upload your video onto sharing website, you can try to insert a FLV movie. Make the FLV movie by yourself and apply it to flash magazine, brochure and report. By using this method, you have all rights of your video, and there will be not any risk. In addition, you can enjoy the video on your book offline, which can’t be realized if you insert a YouTube video. Then we can know that both of the two ways have their own advantages. Please choose the more suitable one.

And of course, an outstanding flash flip magazine should contain rich descriptions that its readers are interested in. Try to make an absorbing video and add brilliance to your flip publications. For more professional skills, you can refer to

An outstanding flash flip magazine should contain rich descriptions that its readers are interested in. For more professional skills, you can refer to  Page flipping.

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