Utilities Comparison: Top UK Energy Providers for Customer Satisfaction

There are a lot of factors that go into a solid energy provider. Great rates and superior service are high among them. Also near the top of characteristics for a great energy provider is customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a very important aspect of any gas and electricity provider because it ensures that any problems or issues that crop up are dealt with immediately, effectively, and in a friendly manner. Great customer service results in better customer satisfaction which itself results in long-term customers that will recommend the company to others.

Customer satisfaction also entails that the energy provider is easy to work with in every other way, from the sign-up process to the cancelation process when it’s time to move on.

The United Kingdom’s top energy providers are discussed in greater detail below with a particular emphasis on the level of customer satisfaction that they currently provide the average customer with.


One of the United Kingdom’s “Big Six” energy suppliers, E.ON has proven to be the top provider of customer satisfaction in the utilities field. They have ousted SSE, the provider that has taken the cake the past several years in a row.

E.ON satisfies its customers in many ways. The biggest way that it does this is by offering simplified and straightforward tariffs and prices with no bells or whistles, strings, or hidden fees attached. Better yet, these prices are among the very lowest for the average consumer. E.ON also has a strong customer rewards program with its Tesco Clubcard.


As mentioned above, SSE has long been the leader in customer satisfaction as far as UK utilities companies go. While their customer service and customer satisfaction is still top-notch, they are no longer the clear-cut leaders. Never fear though as their solid deals and easy-to-understand approach to pricing still leave over 70% of their customers completely satisfied.

Scottish Power

With customer satisfaction levels of just over 70%, Scottish Power has come a long ways since last year. In fact, their customers are happier than ever before. 10% more would recommend their services this year over last year while 9% more say the company satisfies all of their needs.

British Gas

It’s rare for an energy provider to actually experience decreased levels of customer satisfaction but that’s exactly what happened to UK energy giant British Gas this past year. Though it slipped in its rating slightly, over 65% of its customers are still completely and fully satisfied. It’s important to note that their slight slip in standings is probably due to the significantly improved performances of other companies rather than any real lack of customer satisfaction stemming from them.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is another UK energy provider to keep your eyes on. Though its customer satisfaction levels have dropped in the past few years, this current year’s ratings place it higher than it has been since 2010. Over 65% of its customers are satisfied with the services that it provides. This satisfaction is largely due to its great rates and extensive coverage.


Though npower did the worst as far as customer satisfaction was concerned this past year, over 50% of their customers still feel like they got their money’s worth. The supplier continues to implement new programs and strategies to improve their customer service and get themselves back to where they’d like to be: with the same percentage of satisfied customers as E.ON, the highest-ranked on this list.

Is it important to receive your electricity and gas from an energy provider that satisfies its customers? You bet it is! High customer satisfaction means great rates and fair pricing, a solid rewards program, excellent customer service, and simple and straightforward terms. A company with all of these things will be the easiest to work with, saving you hassle, headaches, and, most importantly, money in the process.

*Customer Satisfaction levels based on 2012 uSwitch Energy Awards: http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/customer-satisfaction-awards-2012/

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