Using Videon to Create Great iPhone Videos

The iPhone comes with an 8 megapixel camera which offers a very good video output. The main problem that many iPhone users face is that the video interface on the phone is not that great. The interface is basic and offers little in the way of video editing tools. If you are looking to use your iPhone to create amazing videos then you should look at using Videon. If you have a superfast broadband connection you can do a quick Google search to find out all about Videon, if not, read on

What is Videon?
Video is an iPhone app that allows you to edit your videos on your phone. This means that you do not have to download the video to your computer before you edit, split or trim your video recordings. With this application you can also take photos while the video is recording. This is a feature that you cannot find with other iPhone applications.

The cost of Videon is much less than most users would expect. Unfortunately there is no free version or a free trial version that you can use.

The Videon Set Up
Once you have downloaded the application you will be taken to the video interface. This interface offers a number of buttons that you should know about:

The red dot the red dot icon is the button you will press to start recording the video.
The gear icon the gear icon will take you to the settings of the camera where you can change certain functions.
The camera icon the icon with the image of an icon will allow you to take pictures while you are recording the video.
The wheel the track wheel icon at the bottom of the screen is the zoom function of the interface.
The square the square icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to access all of your part recordings and completed videos.
The three buttons the three buttons in the middle of the bottom of the screen are the exposure, focus and while balance setting buttons.
The lightning bolt the lightning bolt allows you to turn on the flashlight of the camera.

When you set up Videon you need to select which camera you are going to use. The iPhone offers a front and rear camera. Of course, the rear camera does have the better hardware of the two.

You should also select the resolution that you want the video to be in. There are a number of different settings that you can choose from. However, the resolution settings are only available when you use the rear camera because the hardware for the front camera has already maxed put the resolution. While you set the resolution you should also look at the frame rate. Changing the frame rate will offer you better video recordings in different light conditions. The default setting is the 24-30 frames per second selection.

The video quality and the sound recordings can also be altered. The video quality can be lowered to make the recording smaller and to save space on your phone. The recording can be turned off completely or you can disable one of the microphones. The iPhone offers two microphones and you can choose to use both or only one.

There are a number of other settings that you should consider. The video stabilising option can be enabled or disabled. You can also turn the lock focus, crosshair and geotagging on and off.

Recording a Video
Once you have all the settings to your liking you can start recording your video. It is very easy to start the recording as you simply need to tap the red dot icon on the homepage interface. When the recording starts you will see a timer which tells you how long you have been recording for.

To take a picture while the video is recording you need to tap the screen in the area where you want the picture to be taken. You will then see an auto focus icon. Once the camera has focused you need to tap the camera icon in the interface and a picture will be taken.

If you want to zoom in while you are recording you simply have to scroll your finger along the wheel icon. Text will appear at the top of the screen telling you how much you have zoomed on. When you are done with the recording you need to tap the red button again to stop the video.

Editing the Video
The main function of Videon is to offer iPhone users the ability to edit their videos on the phone. Once you have ended the recording you need to tap on the square icon to take you to your recordings. You will be taken to a screen that shows you all of your recordings and a video preview. There are 5 icons above the video preview that you can use to edit your video. These icons are the effects, merge, trim, save and delete options.

When you use the effects you will be offered 17 different effects that you can use to edit your video. You can adjust the speed of the recording to speed up or slow down the video pace. You can also adjust the exposure levels of your recordings. There is also the option to resize the video if you are unhappy with the current sizing. These are only a few of the many effect features that you can use.

The merge option allows you to take two videos and merge them into one longer video. You will be able to keep the individual recordings or you could delete them and only have the merged video. Deleting the individual videos will save space on the phone.

If you feel that a video is too long or has segments that you do not need you can remove this with the trim option. To trim the video you will be given a frame view that allows you to select what you want to remove.

Videon is a great iPhone application that allows you to edit your video recordings on your phone. There are a number of settings that you can use to create the perfect video. Even if you are not happy with the result you can edit it to your specifications.

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