Using Slip Lining method for pipe renovation projects

Renovating your existing pipeline can turn out to be a tricky job especially if you are not knowledgeable in that field of study. Without proper knowledge, even if you are trying to renovate your pipeline, you might end up damaging it.
That is why it becomes important to study about pipe renovation projects.

There are several ways though which one can renovate pipelines. The Semi Structural Spray Lining of Water Mains is one of those ways. However, it is expensive and not entirely feasible in all situations. That is why most of the contractors decide to go with the slip lining approach.

The working of the slip lining method is actually very simple. Another added advantage of the method is the fact that it requires very less excavation. And, even that excavation process is very simple and can be done very quickly.
To excavate, a carrier pipe is inserted into the existing pipe which cleans and strengthens the existing pipe.

Generally, there are two ways of performing the slip lining method. In the first method, the carrier pipe is inserted into the existing pipe up until the point where you want to excavate. This method is called as continuous.
In the second method, termed as segmental, individual pieces are put together so that they can pass through differently curved pipes that can’t be excavated using continuous carrier pipes.

One the many advantages of using this simple method is the fact that it doesn’t require any additional resources. It makes the most out of existing resources and renovates the pipelines extremely well. Plus, when compared to other excavation methods, it is about 10 times cheaper.

Also, while other methods tend to fully excavate the pipelines to renovate; this method requires only minimal excavation. This is very helpful because it doesn’t hinder the day to day activities.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, there is probably only one. As you might have learnt, the carrier pipe used in this method is smaller than the host pipe. So, what happens is, even after excavation, the cross sectional area of the pipe remains dirty.

But, then again, despite this obvious disadvantage slip lining still remains the most used renovation methodology when it comes to pipelines. Before deciding to use this method, make sure you get a professional opinion from plumbers.

And, while choosing a plumbing agency to do the job for you, ensure that they are skilled enough to complete the work in time without hassle.

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Author: James