History and Applications of slip lining solutions

Rehabilitating the pipelines without trenches is something that has always been preferred by the contractors for a long time. Slip Lining is one such method that has been in practice since the early 1940’s.
Slip Lining Solutions are used to repair the leaks and restore the stability of a pipeline. This method comprises of inserting a smaller carrier pipe into the larger existing pipe. However, the space between the two pipes will remain dirty and untreated. To take care of that, a layer of grout is inserted into that space.

After all this is over, the top and bottom ends are sealed off and the excavation process begins.

The slip lining, inner carrier pipe is usually made up of high density polyethylene but other material such as the reinforced fiberglass (FRP) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes too can be used for that purpose. The carrier pipe must be off high quality and it shouldn’t break even under high duress.
Slip lining methodology can be used to excavate pipes whose diameter is in the range between 8’’-60’’. The different sorts of material which can be slip lined are as follows,

• Clay – Clay pipes are the oldest pipelines. Even after all these years, clay pipes still stand strong. But, a major disadvantage with these pipes is the fact that they serve as a place where dirt accumulates.

• Reinforced Concrete –Reinforced Concrete is one of the strongest elements that can be used in the construction of pipelines. That can also be excavated using slip lining.

• Ductile Iron – Although Ductile Iron doesn’t corrode easily, when it does, it blocks the passage for the waterway. Therefore, it becomes necessary, to excavate the pipeline made up of ductile iron when it corrodes using slip lining.

Other materials that can be slip lined are corrugated metal and PVC. However, structures like the non-structural spray lining of water mains can’t be cleaned or excavated using this methodology.

The major selling point of this methodology is the fact that it requires very little new equipment to excavate. Just a carrier pipe along with a layer of grout is more than enough to clean the existing host pipes. Unlike other excavation methods that involve high operations costs, slip lining can be done with minimal cost.

Right from the 1940s till the modern day, the slip lining methodology has constantly been in operation. Modern technologies have made the method better.

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