Using Moisture Analyzers and their advantages

Moisture Analyser is a device that is used to measure the amount of moisture that is present in different surfaces and substances. The usage of these devices has proved ultimately useful in many industries ranging from chemicals to pharmaceuticals.

Generally, moisture is a common occurrence in most natural processes but it does causes some interference and produces unnecessary and harmful byproducts in combination with other elements that might be involved in the actual process.

So, to ensure that only the needed amount of moisture is present in the process, these devices are usually used by the people from the industry.
These devices come both as normal as well as portable analysers. The working of this device is complex but it follows rudimental laws of physics. It absorbs moisture from the surface and measures it at will.

Let us assume that you are placing a piece of any substance into the device. First of all, it will measure the weight of that substance and then it will begin the comprehensive drying process. Once the substance is dry, the device will once again measure the weight. The difference in weight will give the amount of moisture present in the substance.

But, it is very important to remember that each and every substance will have its own properties and hence the drying temperature will differ. So, the user must properly set the input criteria into the device before starting the whole analyzing process.

Using the device is actually a very simple process. But, the user must have vast experience in the relative fields of the substance under test to actually set the parameters in a proper way. The devise is actually a open plate on which the substance is usually placed. So, the user must ensure that the substance is spread evenly across the plate to avoid mounds and unevenly spread distributions. Once the placement is evenly distributed, the actual analysis process can start.

The starting and ending weights are usually displayed on a LCD display screen and can be easily read by the users. Halogen heating is usually followed for the drying process so the operator must be aware about how different materials react to Halogen heat to ensure that they are measuring the moisture correctly.
Advanced analyzers of moisture have also come up in the market these days and they provide advanced features like graphical display, dampness description measurement and pre-programmed parameter values and so on.

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