A comprehensive guide on Lead Acetate Tape methodology to identify H2S gas

Hydrogen Sulphide is a very toxic and harmful substance that is produced as an unwanted byproduct of many chemical reactions. H2S has various disadvantages and hazards that eventually lead to numerous health problems. Therefore, it becomes very essential to get rid of this gas from the stream of gases.

Having a H2S identification and removal system in your system is actually a mandatory requirement in many companies around the world.

H2S analyser is actually a specially made device that is used to analyze the presence of H2S gas in the gas stream. But, that device is actually a very costly piece of equipment and cannot be afforded by everyone. That is when Paper Tape Analysers come into play.

These paper analysers are obviously cheap but with that come several disadvantages. First, a H2S analyser device can identify almost all sorts of sulphide gases. But, the Lead Acetate tape analyser can identify only H2S gas while other variants of Sulphide are also harmful in nature.

The working of this method is actually very simple. Let us assume that there is a huge combustion chamber inside which different sorts of combustible chemical reactions take place. Now, obviously, there is a solid chance for the production of H2S inside this chamber.

So, to detect that presence, what you need to do is take one piece of paper covered with Lead Acetate and keep it inside the combustion chamber. If a brown colored slain occurs on the paper once you place it that means that there is H2S within the chamber.

If you see a brown slain on the paper at the end of the process, it means that there is H2S within the chamber. There are almost zero chances of false positives with this method and therefore, you can be one hundred percent certain that the chamber contains H2S if you see a brown slain on the paper.
Although this method has a high accuracy of detecting H2S, as mentioned already, there is a serious disadvantage too. This paper analysis method will not detect other variants and derivatives of H2S that are equally harmful as well.

That is why this method is treated as an emergency resolve and not as a permanent or a prescribed method to deal with H2S gases. However for small scale companies, it is quite effective and can even save you from grave disasters at times. As they say, something is better than nothing. And so, if you can’t afford a fully fledged H2S analyser, the lead analysers are indeed better.

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Author: James