Ultrasonic Flow Meter: The Better Meter

Almost every homeowner or building owner uses water and heat. Of course, with heat and water comes meters. In the past, a meter, for instance a heat meter, had to be read manually. However, as technology advanced and people became more environmentally conscious, alternatives in meters have also been developed.

It is a fact that every country in the world needs to find a solution for high greenhouse gas emissions, water, and energy wastage. Although it is true that both public and private sectors have been diligent in developing programs to lower energy wastage and air pollution, the fact remains that without the help of every household, their efforts are for naught. For instance, by controlling the power or water consumption of every household and establishment, the decrease of energy and resource wastage would be faster and easier. This is one reason smart meters such as ultrasonic flow meters were developed.

Although the this type of meter is actually based on the same principle of the traditional flow meter, it was developed using more advanced technology resulting in more accurate readings, energy efficiency, and lower costs in the long run.

Why use ultrasonic meters? Well, aside from being more accurate and more efficient, household consumers can monitor their consumption easily and adjust accordingly- without having to wait for someone to read their monthly bill. Moreover, both household and establishment can benefit from using this type of meter because:

This type of meter is capable of measuring different types of liquids- not just clean water. It can also measure light homogeneous liquids, waste water, process liquids, sewage, and oil- as long as the liquids being measured is capable of ultrasonic wave propagation as well as having an even flow.

A clamp-on flow meter are capable of measuring liquids without getting wet. As a result, corrosion and other undesirable effects from liquids will not affect this type of meter.

Since ultrasonic meters are made using the latest technology, these are very easy to install and use. Moreover, these are very easy to maintain.

Some ultrasonic meters are portable and digital; therefore, easy to carry around and easier to read and understand. For establishments with numerous branches, portable meters can be used to back up present flow meters or in checking different meters in different sites anytime.

Different models of ultrasonic meters can operate on different ranges of pipe diameters. Some can operate on smaller pipes (.5”) whilst others can operate on very big pipes (up to 20 feet). In addition, these meters can accurately measure liquids even with flow rates that range from 1 foot per second to 106 feet per second as well as in extreme temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.

Since households and electronic water meter establishments have different needs in water and heat meters, websites like http://heremeter.com/ can offer meters according to consumers’ needs. For instance, if an ultrasonic meter is what a consumer needs, he or she can opt for a digital water meter or an electronic water meter. However, it does not matter whatever Ultrasonic flow meter type of ultrasonic meter one chooses because the results are the same: accurate and efficient.

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