Twitter for Small Business

Many small business have been asking whether Twitter for their business is really worth it?

Should they use Facebook or Twitter? Or should they avoid Social Media all together?

Well, Twitter is a really good way to market a small business because it is much cheaper to get your brand in front of your target market at a much faster pace. The reason it is so effective is because with Twitter you have the ability to follow people. Therefore you can find your key target on Twitter and begin to follow them. When you follow them, they get a notification of your follow and decide whether to check out your website or follow back.

Did we mention that it is free to follow anyone and it is completely acceptable to follow anyone you want? It is not like Facebook where someone has to psychically like your page or accept your friend request. You can follow anyone.

A few points to get started on Twitter

Make your profile page look good as people will look at it before following you back

Create a good call to action in your BIO description. Users read this before deciding whether to follow back or not. Include your website link in your BIO description so there is more chance that you will get some site traffic from your following efforts.

Get your tweets up make sure that you have some tweets as people check whether you are active or not before following back.

Follow your target demographic and like minded people on the Social Media network. Use the search function to find them and start following.

Finally make sure you are communicating with people. Retweet their description, reply to peoples tweets and stay active.

This is why we believe that Twitter for Small Business is essential and the best option to market a business early on. With Facebook you have to pay for advertising and it can get quite costly early on. With Twitter you have more power for little to no money spent.

Get on the Twitter bandwagon now and start to get your business seen by thousands of potential customers.

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