Try A Slimline Dishwasher

The slimline dishwasher model is a boon to those with smaller available installation space, as these units are quite compact.

These dishwashing machines come in two types: 1) free standing; and, 2) integrated. Free standing units may be located anywhere in the kitchen, while integrated models may be hidden behind a cabinet door.

There are three types of integrated slimline dishwasher units: 1) fully integrated; 2) semi integrated; and, 3) built-in.

The main distinction between a fully-integrated and semi-integrated slimline dishwasher is that the fully-integrated variety may be stored within a full-sized cabinet door and its control panel can be connected to that door. The primary benefit of these dishwashers is that they remain fully concealed inside the kitchen, so you can maintain consistency of interior kitchen decor .
Semi-integrated units are only partially concealed by the cabinet door. Their control panel can be seen from the top.

Built-in models are fitted inside the top cabinet, preferably adjacent to the sink, as they require a hot water inlet and outlet in the sink. Built-in units are available in sizes as small as 24 inches. The price of a built-in dishwasher can range between $300 and $1200 USD.

What to look for when choosing a slimline dishwasher

Several dishwasher models are available on today’s market. Before setting out to buy one, you must establish your budget, as they come in a wide range of prices. Depending on your particular budget, you want a dishwasher with most of the features listed below:

– Dishwashers are rated from “A” to “G,” based on overall energy efficiency and washing and drying performance. A machine rated “A” in all three of these categories is regarded as the best dishwasher.

– Some models use steam in their functions. This is eco-friendly and saves water.

– A unit with alternate water spray offers optimal water usage and saves on water bills.

– Select the dishwasher size based on your specific washing frequency and requirements. Larger plates and bigger loads need bigger dishwashers.

– Portable dishwashers cost less, but are also less durable than the other models.

– Look into warranties available for various brands.

– Ascertain whether the parts for the dishwasher you are considering are readily available.

– Opting for a renowned brand is better, because even if they cease making a particular dishwasher brand, you will still get the spares. In general, better brands tend to offer sales and service centers, so you don’t have to worry if you have a technical issue or need repair(s).

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