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Constant evolution is what defines digital marketing. With billions of internet users, there are some things trending and others that are not. The job of an internet marketer is to predict the changes and do their best to take advantage of them. As the year 2013 draws to an end, there are several predictions about the year to come. These foreseen trends can have a deep impact on internet advertising programs and the social media services. Here are some of them:

Social Media will continue to Diversify

The past year saw a huge move towards marketing through social media forums and the wide utilization of social media services. Facebook and YouTube were the leading platforms but usage is fragmenting to forums such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Studies suggest that 2014 will see a further outcropping of new social media forums to currently less popular forums as businesses will be looking to build their audience on a wider scale to capture more of the fragmented market. This diversity will make it easier for people using different social media to recognize and be loyal to their favorite brands.

Content-oriented Marketing is never out

Content, they say, is King; it has become more of an Emperor. It helps create a bridge between the brand and the consumer and establishes a level of trust and loyalty. It is mutually beneficial to both parties as the company gets valuable insight into its target audience while the audience can build a trust relationship with their brand. Thus it is beneficial for the social marketers to have prior experience in creating description through multifaceted channels and other social media services. Content marketing is going to continue to skyrocket as people love to view, learn and share.

Video and Image pervades

Written description itself may never be replaced entirely by images but now images and videos are a big part of advertisement online and that is why all the major blogs and sites include colorful images breaking up lengthy text. It was observed that marketing via Instagram, Pinterest and other image based social media services was such a success that it is predicted that the year 2014 will prove to fuel these mediums further. With 100 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every hour and so many diverse video social media forums developing audiences, it’s a sure fact that video will explode in the year to come especially in micro vlogs. No wonder so many people are seen glued to their TV, iPad and iPhone watching videos!

Mobile Marketing is in!

According to a survey by Google and Nielsen, about 55% of Smartphone owners are driven to buy products within an hour of watching advertising, while 83% do so within a day’s time. Of four billion internet users, a huge 1.08 billion are mobile phones users and this figure is projected to increase astronomically due to increasing sales of Smartphone’s and tablets. Internet marketers need to keep this trend in mind and focus their campaign towards these mobile users. “Mobile internet to grow by 4000 percent” has been cited in recent projections for 2014. This could a huge marketing windfall as internet marketing agencies move towards M Commerce, location based services and time based offers.

Lastly, social media itself will face some significant crests and troughs. Facebook, with its 1.19 billion users is already the king of social media platforms however Twitter is growing at a faster rate. In fact, it has been predicted that 2014 is the year for a possible shift towards Twitter. Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are also expected to perform exceptionally well while YouTube will continue its mammoth viewer ship rate.

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