24830Travelling via Train from London Paddington to Bath Spa

Bath, based in the south west of England is easy to reach by train, thanks to a high-speed train service from London Paddington taking just 90 minutes. Built in 1840, the Bath Spa station is relatively small, with two main platforms and lots of shops and cafes on site. With regular services running to and from, local people in London and in Bath can easily travel in-between. The station itself is stylish and well-equipped with lots of facilities for travellers. The toilets are well looked after, there are plenty of places to find food and drink while you wait for your train, and the staff are exceptionally helpful. There are plenty of self-service ticket machines as well as a ticket desk should you wish to discuss your travels with staff.

London Paddington station is extensively equipped with many restaurants, shops and other facilities such as a mini supermarket, a pharmacy and a passport photo booth. There is also a first-class lounge available which offers the choice of a modern, contemporary bar area or the traditional, Victorian-themed lounge. There is also a large screen TV so you can catch up on the latest news while you wait for your London Paddington to Bath Spa train.

How to Book Your Tickets

The London Paddington to Bath Spa route is popular so it is always wise to book your tickets in advance. Advance tickets can be as little as £9 each way but the closer to your travel date that you book, the higher the ticket price becomes. You can book off-peak tickets which will reduce the cost of travel or, if you select a super off-peak ticket, then you will make further savings. The tickets can also sell out quickly so it’s always best to buy them online and collect them at the ‘FastTicket’ machine in Paddington when you arrive. The train line runs regularly throughout the day, giving you the flexibility to plan your travel as you wish. The trains can often be busy so it’s best to arrive as early as possible to guarantee a seat.

Travelling from London Paddington to Bath Spa

The train departs every half an hour from London Paddington. If you arrive in good time and find a good seat on the train, you’ll be able to enjoy the English countryside as you travel. The train journey will take you through the pleasant countryside between Swindon and Bath. If you’re planning to stay in Bath for a few days, you can explore nearby destinations such as Bradford-on-Avon and Bristol. For a day trip in Bath, you can book your place on an early train so that you have plenty of time to explore the beautiful city and its surrounding areas. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the city is famous for its stunning architecture, iconic sights and history. Bath is full of culture, art and heritage and it is a fantastic destination.

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