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Traditionally British

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Simple, heavy and a hybrid of many cultures, the British Food has gathered many characteristics over the many years starting from the years when it colonized certain countries up until today, during a time of many immigrants from different countries.

From the very beginning, you can never tell what a traditional British Food is because from the start of its history, it has been a collection of different styles, varied ingredients from different cultures, from different countries. The influences of food that came to their shores were from India, Rome, and some of the nomads that travelled by sea such as the Vikings.

What you can call a basic British Food is a meal based on meat – beef, lamb, fish, to name a few – and two boiled vegetables – one is potato and the other is all based on the taste of the diner.
This type of meal is usually eaten during dinner because for breakfast either they eat a huge bulk of meal that includes porridge, fish, bacon, and eggs or if time does not permit preparation they would go for quickly prepared meals such as toast and marmalade or a bowl of grain cereal.

Like any country, the culture of food in Britain is constantly changing, continuously evolving all because of the many different cultures that have settled down in the country. In spite of this, the many culinary chefs tried to look for inspiration much nearer to their roots of origin. The dishes that they prepare try to resemble what Britain is all about. The British Food in this modern era, made by these patriotic chefs, portrays the abundance that Britain has, full of green vegetables, and one type of meat – fish from the abundant fishing areas and game from varied forests that surround their great country.

At anytime of the week, the British are very busy to enjoy a good meal with their family because of workplaces that are long ways from home and jobs that finishes at late hours. Such conditions make it really difficult to eat a meal with the family except for Sunday. During Sunday, they dine with their families with the best British Food can offer, and usually it is roast meat which can be from any f the following choices of beef, lamb, or chicken.

In addition, though this British Food take time to prepare, the tradition still lives on because they prepare it before hand. Before going to church they stuff the meat into the oven and let it cook while they are out attending the mass so that when they arrive the meal will be prepared and ready to be eaten with the joyful company of the family.

It is good to know that such tradition has lived on in the lives of the British considering how fast the world has becoming. It has become rather difficult to prepare and enjoy a good, exquisite home cooking which you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home with the company of one happy family and the British Food keeps that alive.

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