Touch Screen Factory Brings Various 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Technology Products

ShenZhen City, China, (September 02, 2017) – The 4 Wire Resistive touch Screen is a cost-effective, superior solution that is ideal for portable sport devices, GPS, LED and LCD touch monitors, access control terminals, light industrial devices, home appliances, medical equipments and more. Based in China, Touch Screen Factory brings various types of 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen items for customers.

The 4 Wire Resitive touchscreen has a polyester top sheet with the bottom covered by a conductive coating and glass layer having the top covered by a conductive coating. Spacer dots, generally glass beads printed onto the coated glass with silk-screen technology, hold the conductive surfaces apart.

Touch Screen Factory has a wide range of 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen products, including 6.5 to 7 Inch, 8 to 9.7 Inch, 10 to 13.3 Inch, 15 to 17 Inch, 18.5 to 19 Inch and 21.5 to 22 Inch Resistive 4 Wire Touch Screen.

The company is the first choice of consumers when it comes to Resistive 4 Wire touch screen products. The screen can offer 4096 x 4096 Resolution or higher, cost much less than ‘active’ screens and come with various other advantages for buyers. Any pointed object or a stylus can be used to operate these screens. Resistive 4 Wire Touch Screen can also be used to offer multi-touch output support.

About Touch Screen Factory:
Touch Screen Factory is a touchscreen product manufacturer and supplier based in ShenZhen City, China. The company has 4 Wire and 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen, IR Touch Frame, Saw Touch Screen, Capacitive Touch Screen+ and many other products on offer.

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Touch Screen Factory, based in China, has various types of 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen items on offer for buyers.



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