9543Tips to Choose a Good Microscope

What is that you need to look for while choosing a good microscope? If you look at the classification, you will note that there are two types of microscopes. The first one is known as a high power microscope and the second one is known as low power microscope. The first type is used to look at blood cells, insects, bacteria and life in water. The second type is more useful to look at large things like fabrics, coins, stamps, bees etc. So, what exactly do you need to know when you are selecting any of the above-mentioned types?

Features of high power microscopes

When you are looking for a high power microscope for your child, you should look for a model manufactured by a good company. Plus the instrument should provide support materials and slides so that your child can have some guidance while using the instrument. In case of this instrument the maximum magnification can go up to 400x. The models which have a built-in source of light can be used without a hassle. Do your own research when you are buying these instruments. Always look for the brand name. Some inexpensive versions are also good, but you look at the features and try to figure out whether they are sufficient for your purpose.

Features of low power microscopes

These instruments are mainly used to look at transparent and opaque things. They have lights both at the top and at the bottom. The magnification can vary between 10x and 80x. In case of these instruments, you will have two separate eyepieces and also objective lens for every eyepiece lens. This helps you to have a three-dimensional image. Often higher magnification can distort the images and you can see less of the object. In case you collect coins, the best option would be a microscope with a 10x magnification power. Those who collect sand will love to have an instrument with magnification power ranging between 30x to 40x.

A final word

There are different types of microscopes available in the market. In case you want the images to be displayed in a computer, you would like to buy a digital instrument. If you consider the source of light for the instrument, you can choose one with LED illumination. It is a proven fact that LED illumination helps to preserve the specimens better. Also, when you consider the instrument, you need to note all the features and additional features like the warranty period etc. All these need to be considered when you choose the instrument. And do your research about the price of the instrument. Think about your budget and try to figure out whether the model you have chosen will be within your budget or not.

When you select a model which is a little above your budget, you can buy it; because a microscope are one-time investments and selecting the best in the market can be a good option.

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