Tips on Buying Jewelry Findings and Other Supplies

In beaded jewelry crafting, you will need some supplies besides the beads. One of these essential supplies is used to connect the beads to the stringing wire. This component is known as jewelry findings, and you need to purchase it along with the beads, spacers, crimp beads, and so on.

If you are working from home and your budget is very limited, there are some methods by which you can reduce your production costs. Before you start out, you should know exactly what you should buy and how to buy them. It will not help if you just grab the basic components like the jewelry findings, or anything that you consider pretty. That practice is not thoughtful, therefore not too cost effective. Finding your jewelry making supplies at the least cost may take some trial and error through your working years, and dont forget the research.

To help you buy jewelry findings with the needed know how, here are some tips that hopefully can be and effective buying guide for you.

Always make it a rule not to shop for jewelry findings and other supplies until a list of what you need has been readied, including the money that you will use to purchase these items. Doing this, you can opt to buy in bulk at a catalog distributor or online shop where you can save some money. However, you must be prepared for times when you need to step out to pick supplies which you have forgotten to include in your list, and you badly needed at the moment.

The list should include basic items that you will use in your crafting. Some of these items should include jewelry findings, string or wire, beads, gemstones, etc., and you should have a very clear idea of what you really want. Consider the materials, shapes, sizes and textures of every item that you intend to purchase. Most of all, you should stick to the list that you made, so you wont be having supplies that you bought impulsively. Your budget must be specific, and pre-set it, so that your finances will not be spread thin.

If you are working on mass production or full time basis, it is important that you consider buying your jewelry findings and other supplies from a catalog supplies shop or online. Buying online and in bulk allows you to save big money. Theres good news here: if you cant use all your supplies, you can repackage them and sell, putting a small mark up. You can also create design kits using your excess supplies. These suggestions will help you not to waste your supplies. Before you visit a retail bead store, consider shopping on the internet first. You may find big bead stores that have jewelry findings at their craft section. However, you wont find any note or a clue as to what materials these supplies are made of. I know you wouldnt take chances.

Another great tip for you: why not think about making your own jewelry findings and even your own beads out of wire and clay? This can be a lot of fun, too.

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