9543Tips for choosing the best healthcare flooring

When designing a hospital, one of the most important areas that must be taken care of is the floor; there are several important criteria that need to be followed especially when choosing the healthcare flooring contractor. The contractor needs to know important things about healthcare flooring materials that include cost effectiveness, the highest degree of hygiene, safety and durability. The choice of flooring material will also be dependent on the different areas of the hospital then need to be floored and the place of aesthetics on top of all other important features.

Your healthcare flooring contractor should have their best suggestions for different hospital departments; the intensive care unit for example will definitely need a completely different floor from other sections of the hospital. Healthcare flooring contractors will have known from experience the areas of the hospital that have high traffic so that the material chosen is one that can withstand the amount of traffic; they are also careful to take into consideration factors such as comfort, resilience and slip resistance.

Most healthcare flooring contractors have always preferred vinyl floors because of their durability in addition to along lifespan. The other good reason is that vinyl based healthcare flooring products are seamless and as a result they don’t encourage the collection of water, fluids or any other substances. This material is also resistant to stains and it can maintain its appearance for a long time period and better still it can be found in different styles and looks. However, modern healthcare flooring contractors no longer use vinyl because of the toxic substances it is known to release during production and their effect to the environment.

There are industrial carpets that can be used by healthcare flooring contractors especially because of their comfort and noise reduction features; the main downside with carpet is low durability and high maintenance costs in comparison to other materials. Rubber flooring products have also been used for a while now because of their durability but as a hospital CEO, you must be prepared to spend extensively if you choose to install rubber. The other favorite material with healthcare flooring contractors is linoleum which is loved for its affordability and environmental friendliness; however, it requires frequent cleaning and waxing and it doesn’t have a very long lifespan.

The choice of a healthcare flooring contractor becomes important because they must be able to advise the project manager on the pros and cons of different flooring materials and help them make a sound decision. They will have to advise on features such as stain resistance and high quality so it can withstand blood and chemical spills of all types, heavy traffic and be antistatic or antibacterial and still maintain its good looks for at least a decade or two.

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