Three In Ten People Now Less Willing To Donate To Non-Government Organisations


Park Row, Nottingham (May 09, 2018) – Advantage Market Research Ltd and respondi conducted a survey of over 1,000 UK residents to assess the potential impact of the negative publicity surrounding Oxfam’s sexual misconduct scandal on the public’s willingness to donate financially to charities.

The ‘Still a good cause?’ report shows nearly all charities have been negatively affected with people being less willing to donate financially. Most affected are Non-Government Organisations, with three in ten people now less willing to donate. This impact is even more pronounced among older people, rising to 41% of 45-54s and 37% of those 65+.

Recent media attention has called into question the behaviours and management practices within several prominent charities along with perceived high CEO salaries. This has contributed to the negative shift in the public’s willingness to give to larger charities when they are uncertain, or unhappy, about how their donation is being used.

The results highlight a greater need for charities to prove they operate ethically and effectively. Donors increasingly need to see their chosen charity is run efficiently, operates in an ethical manner and achieves results.

Many donors retain an intellectual and emotional link to the money they give, making it an investment rather than a gift. The findings demonstrate a need for charities to connect with ‘investors’ in a deeper, meaningful way to demonstrate their true impact value and what can be achieved with continued support.

Without this reassurance, it is likely that donors will shift their focus to smaller, local causes where the transparency of the operation and impact of the donation is more readily seen.

The full report is publicly available from the Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. website –

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Latest research shows the majority of charities have been negatively affected by the publicity surrounding Oxfam’s sexual misconduct scandal and need to take steps to re-engage with donors. Three out of ten people are now less willing to donate to Non-Government Organisations.  




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