The solution for the jam and no feeding of the printers

The printer is the common equipment in our daily life. Almost all of our families have a set of printer. Nowadays, the china printing industry has had a steady development over these years. We all need the printing and the printing has become the necessary part of our life and work. However, the printer would also have many mechanical problems and other problems such as the jam of the printer. Many people would want to know the solution for this problem. Today, the expert from the China Printing Company will give you advice for the causes and solution methods for the printer jam. The China Printing Company is the famous printing corporation who would provide with you the printing services such as the notebooks printing, hardcover books printing, print books, china printer, offset printing, commercial printing and so on.

The printers in the process of frequent use often appeared the failure of unable to handle the paper. This kind of situation is mostly because the paper jams, failure paper feeding multiple sheets feeding at one time and so on. When this kind of phenomenon has occurred, what should we do to deal with it?

First, we should pay attention to the surface of the printing paper and recognizing whether the surface is flat or not. If the printer jams, the most possible cause is the problem of the paper surface. If there is the paper curl or fold phenomenon, we had better change with the paper with a smooth and glossy surface. And we should ensure that the surface of the printing paper has a glue or other attachments.

The second point we should pay attention is that the printing paper is too thin or too much. We must ensure that the quality of the printing paper. If the printing paper is too thin, the feeding for the printer paper would be more difficult. And it would be easy to have the printer paper jam. And the once loaded printing paper must be not too thick. From the experience of the Catalogs printing, they have paid more attention to this problem on their printing service such as Catalogs printing and brochures printing.

The second point is about the pickup roller. The pickup roller is the crucial part of the printer which is most likely to be wear. When the paper in the paper container is in normal condition, but the printer cannot take the paper normally and this situation is often the wearing of the pickup roller or loosing for the spring. The pressure is not enough and the paper cannot be fed into the machine. If you could not temporarily replace the pickup roller, the emergency treatment is that we can wound the rubber band. After wounding the rubber band, it will increase the friction of the pickup roller and the printer’s feeding function will be recovered. – China professional printing company offer high quality and cheap offshore booklets printing included catalogs,magazines,notebooks,brochures,books printing and more!



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