We could see the phenomenon that many employers always send and receive mail on their way home. And when they have got to home, they had also connected with their customers and colleagues by the soft in their smart phone such as the rugged phone. This is the life condition for many white-collar employers. Recently, the British Special Needs Physiotherapists Association have released a report that the smart phones, tablet computers and other electronic products has unknowingly extended the user’s working hours and the average of the time is about two hours. The news has aroused the concern of many white-collar workers. The experts of http://www.runbo-ruggedphones.com/ remind us that work with smart phones and other devices beyond your daily work should be moderate and do not make yourself become the screen slaves. The rugged phones is the best rugged smart phone manufacturers in china who could provide with you the best water poof smart phone and best rugged smart phone.

Recently, the United Kingdom Special Needs Physiotherapists Association has done a research for using condition for the white-collars smart phones, tablet PC. The Association has surveyed with more than two thousand white-collar workers in the United Kingdom. At the end, they have found that more than two-thirds of the respondents had to continue their work outside of working hours because of the popularity of rugged smart phones and other equipment. The average time of unconscious overtime working has reached to 2 hours and 18 minutes. The association had warned that the smart phones such as the wholesale rugged smart phone and other devices would make the user become the screen slaves. The adverse consequences of the overtime work would lead to cervical and back problems.

Miss Betty, who is the worker of a public relations firm, has said that her job is mainly related to keeping in touch with customers and sends the confirmation message before the event. When she has finished her whole day work at 6 p.m., she will still receive a lot of mail. When each mail has been sent to her rugged tablet, the phone will automatically popped up a prompt. Every time she saw one of the mails, she could not help to respond. As a result, even at home, she has to finish a large number of works which is sending and receiving for mail.

If it is the rule from your boss for this kind of state of life, it comes to the problem of hidden overtime working. The management of the corporate should pay more attention to the recessive overtime work. They should realize that if their employees work too much during the break, it is easy for them to produce the burnout and the work will be greatly reduced efficiency. No matter what kind of situation, you should not waste much of your time in the smart phone which is related to your work. You should know that our life is colorful.

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