The price increasing of the chemical raw material would lead to the price increasing of the chemical for daily

Within two-day, the reporter had found that although the day of supplies have not had the temporarily price raising, however, the price rising of the upstream chemical products such as the Calcium Hypochlorite, TCCA, SDIC, Citric acid and Gallic Acid powder had allows the experts have the prediction that if the enterprise for chemicals for daily use could not carry the pressure of the rising about the raw material costs, they had to rises the price again.

It is said that the giant for the chemicals for daily want to have the price adjustment for their shampoo, detergent and other products and price rising rate is up to 10 percent. Yesterday, the reporter from the website has went to supermarket to find out that the sales staff said that they have not yet received the notice of price increasing. But some carefully users have said that they have found that the preferential activities of daily chemical products had reduced and the margin of the preference is less than ever since mid-September. This phenomenon is the signal for price rising.

Although there is no price increasing, the upstream for the industry of chemicals for daily which we also call it the chemical products has begun to increase the price. The research data from the PETREL BIO-TECH CO., Limited had shown us that 68 chemical products such as the Solid caustic soda, Trimethoxy Benzoate and sell Propyl gallate which is in the monitoring had showed a strong rebound in price. The insider from a chemicals for daily enterprise had said that the price of the chemical raw material for chemicals for daily have been at a high level fluctuations since the beginning of this year. The Rising price of raw material such as the Calcium Hypochlorite tablet/granular was always been a headache problem within the cosmetic companies.

The researcher in the daily chemical industry had told reporters that, in general, the cosmetic product could be divided into three categories which are the makeup product, skin care products and cleaning products. Due to the more mature development of the cleaning products market and the high price transparency, the retail price is low compared to other chemical for daily products and the gross profit is relatively small. In a word, from the date of the famous chemical raw materials manufacturer which name is PETREL BIO-TECH CO., Limited, the increasing price of the chemical raw materials would make the price of the chemical for daily increase also.

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