The new electric transmission technology has been launched by the research of the Korea organization

Recently, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology which name is KAIST and Korea Railroad Research Institute which name is KRRI has jointly improved a power wireless transmission technology which is different from the traditional technology of the power cable manufacturer. This kind of new technology can provide a stable 60kHz and 180kW wireless power transmission for the railways and other mass transit systems.

The wireless transmission technology which could replace the power cable such as rg59 with power cable and utp cat5e could provide with the stable wireless power transmission for rail and other mass transit systems.

According to reports from website, this technology has been called the Wi-electric locomotive system which abbreviation is OLEV. The locomotive which has been loaded with OLEV should not enter the special charging station or replace the battery. Either in the process of moving or docked anywhere it can receive wireless power. On the other hand, its battery size is only one-fifth of the traditional electric locomotive. Meanwhile, the OLEV electromagnetic field should be in line with international standards.

In 2011, the electrical bus which has been loaded with OLEV prototype and rail coal cars has been solar panel manufacturer developed by the KAIST. In that time, this system is capable of providing with the car with 20kHz and 10kW of electricity with 85 percent of efficiency.

The engineer from website has said that the OLEV can be used for more extensive transportation system. The expert from KAIST has already told the interviewer that they will improve the system¡¯s power transmission density which would been more than 3 times. On the other hand, they will also reduce the size and weight of the power receiving module. However, the main components such as power supply and the cost of the receiving system of OLEV would also be cut. This changing would let this equipment become more commercialize.

It is reported that the KAIST and KRRI will continue to improve this technology. The reporter rg59 with power cable from website king-tone has also said that rail coal car test for this technology will be launched in May this year. In July, these two organizations would carry out urban road tests and the high-speed railway would be held in September.

This kind of new technology would be the new breakthrough for the energy transmission such as the carrying for the electric. However, the traditional technology such as the power cable would be abandoned in the near future. However, this is the problem for time passing. Nowadays, if people want to purchase the high quality power cable, the high reputation power cable manufacturer king-tone would be the best choice for them. – The professional manufacturer of coaxial cable, power cable, Solar panel, utp cat5e, RG59 with power cable from China, We carry an extensive variety of electronic products for all the major industries including government, military, automotive and telecommunications.


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