The new CAD soft ware for smart phone has been published by Apple

Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have approved an application for Apple’s patent virtual drafting tool. This patent of Apple has already described the detail information about the interface of very innovative CAD software. This kind of interface could also allow users to use the multi-touch display on the screen to operate a variety of tools in this kind of CAD software. Almost all of people should have known more or less about the CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD 2011.

This patent has also mentioned the current CAD program and other drafting applications. No matter the two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawing, all of the operation requires the user to use the difficult tool in the virtual workspace. For example, when the user wants to draw a straight line, they need to move the mouse pointer to the side of the tool bar or menu and then people should select the straight line tool. After all of these processes, people could begin to draw a straight line. However, these operations would be too cumbersome.

The operation of new development for the CAD software on the smart phone autocad lt 2013 would be much easier than the traditional CAD software such as the AutoCAD lt 2012. The expert from website autodeskmarket would give people an example. When the multi-touch screen has detected the two -point input, the screen will appear a virtual ruler. These tools on the screen can appear on the screen for a certain period of time or the user can cancel these tool. When the tool has been existed on the screen, the user can change the size or perform various operations

The patent has mentioned that virtual tool appears on the screen could allows users to think of the reality tools such as a ruler, T-square, protractor, compass and various molds. Other examples have also configured other customization tools and users can set special value of these tools. This kind of operation would be much easier than other traditional CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2012. If people want to purchase the official version of CAD software, they could browse the website

No matter want kind of situation, the basically knowledge of autocad 2010 this kind of CAD software would be all the same. So, if people want to be specialized in this kind of new CAD software in the smart phone, they should firstly learn the basically information about the CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2013. If people have already had good foundation about the operating for the CAD soft ware, they will be good at this new software on IPHONE AND IPAD very quickly. – buy autocad 2012 lt – Best Selling Software. Cheap O Software! 30% OFF! autocad lt 2013 mac price. discount software mountain. autocad lt 2012, Buy OEM Licence, autocad lt 2013 cheap


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