The MPG Marathon: The Lowdown

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Fuel efficiency and driving economically are becoming ever more important for business owners and managers, particularly because the country is making huge steps to improve its environmental policies and cut CO2 emissions. Several schemes are being implemented that will encourage everyone in the industry, from large business managers to self-employed couriers to take note and make changes to their vehicles and the way they drive.

2016 MPG Marathon

One of the big events in the transport and logistics calendar is the MPG Marathon that is due to take place on 18-19 October this year. This event does a great job in raising awareness of the benefits of fuel efficiency and economical driving, as well as showcasing some of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles out there.

What Happens At The Event

Held at Heythorp Park Resort in Oxfordshire, this popular event is open to drivers of all kinds of vehicles, and whether you are a self-employed courier or part of a huge fleet of trucks, you can get involved. In the past, celebrities and even those in positions of authority in the transport industry have come along and entered.

Everyone competing in the event will first of all have to plan their own route to four chosen venues located in different places across the country. Driving a vehicle of their choosing the competitors will be marked on the MPG (miles per gallon) figure they finish the event with. Recognition, and of course prizes, are awarded to those with the highest MPG figures, and also to anyone who improves on the predicted MPG figure given by the manufacturer.

It is interesting that points are awarded for the amount a driver can improve the fuel efficiency of a vehicle above what the manufacturers officially publish. It proves that even notoriously inefficient sports cars can actually be driven economically to help to reduce fuel costs and damage to the environment. Although self-employed couriers and other drivers in the business won’t be driving these kinds of vehicles, the concept is still the same.

Highlights of The Event

Some of the categories this year include electric cars, pick-ups, motorbikes, scooters, hybrids and multi-seat MPVs. There will also be five separate van categories and a prize for the most thrifty performance car driver. The event will end with a prestigious award ceremony.

‘Garage 56’ is a new CatID this year and is appropriately named after the place reserved for experimental vehicles at the Le Mans 24-hour race. This class invites any vehicles that don’t fit into the other categories. There will be concept cars and some incredible classic cars, as well as towing vehicles and prototypes.

Also new this year is the inclusion of teams in the CatID named ‘Britain’s Most Frugal Fleet’. A team must include three cars, each of the same model, engine and trim level. The average MPG figure across all three cars will be counted.

Get Involved

Places are booking up fast but if you are a self-employed courier or the manager of a large fleet, it is worth entering. It is a real incentive for drivers and business owners, serving as an eye opener to the potential benefits of efficient and economic driving.

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