The Most Common Types of Cabochon Settings

Cabochon settings are essentially jewelry settings which are designed for holding cabochon gemstones well in place when used in jewelry pieces. These types of gemstones are uniquely polished and shaped in a way that they become faceted and able to reflect the light in some beautiful arrays. At the bottom, they are normally flat and have a convex shape at the top. So, the settings used must be designed in a way that they are capable of accommodating these special aspects that come with the gemstones.

Faceting of cabochons

One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that not all the gemstones found out there are essentially faceted and some of them are even not cut. This is something that you will need to give due consideration to as you shop for the settings at pandahall. How hard the stone is helps determine if it is possible to facet or cut it. More often than not, faceting of these cabochons can only be undertaken on transparent stones since the transparent ones usually scratch very easily. By faceting them, the cabochons are less likely to show the scratches. For the opaque gemstones, the only option available is to cut them and shaped according for the cabochon settings mainly because the chances of them getting scratched are less since they are harder.

Normal cabochon settings

The normal settings are normally ellipse. When a human sets his eyes on the ellipse, the likelihood of seeing the small asymmetries which exist in a stone are less. In case the gemstone in question was to be cut after which it is set in a round setting completely, the person would be able to note the abnormalities present on it and this would certainly mean that the jewelry piece created with the cabochon settings is less valuable.

Domed cabochon

The other type available which is incredibly common is the domed cabochon and this is used in an asteriated stone. These stones usually have a very magnificent look once they are placed in a dome setting and these asteriated stones are referred to as star stones thanks to their luminous star shape which they usually exhibit. Star- ruby is a very rare stone of this kind but you can be sure that you will be able to find it at pandahall. Star sapphire is the most common one and you can be sure that it creates some very awesome jewelry pieces.

Cabochon settings are usually designed in a way that the gemstones used are exhibited in the best way. When the light strikes on them, the settings showcases great beauty at their best and you can buy them easily on the internet. To ensure that you are able to get great deals on them, make sure that you engage in comparable shopping and comparing what different stores are offering you so that you can make a well informed decision. Great sites like pandahall usually stock a wide range of jewelry making supplies and you can be able to buy these cabochons at the site.

Using cabochon settings when designing jewelry comes with a wide range of benefits and you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to order them. Visit pandahall today and get more information about these and other jewelry making supplies.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick