The more important point for the selection for ultrasonic sensors and ultrasonic transducers

Today, the famous ultrasonic sensor manufacturer which website would tell us how to select the suitable ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic transducer. There are some points we should pay more attention.

First, we should consider the scope and size of the detected object. As we all know, the size of the detected object will affect the maximum effective range of the ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic anemometer. The sensor must detect a certain level of sound waves to output signal. From the common sense, the larger object could reflect most of the sound waves to the ultrasonic sensors. So the sensor can be in it maximize to sense this object. On the other hand, the small object could only reflect only few part of the sound wave thus it would significantly reduce the detecting range of the sensor.

The ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic transducers should perpendicular to the surface of the liquid which is required for the liquid measuring. If the liquid surface is very uneven, then the response time of the sensor should be adjusted longer enough. It would make these changes become the average number which we can read it easily.

In some special mode, we could use an ultrasonic sensor to have the detection of irregular objects. In this kind of mode, the ultrasonic sensor can detect a flat background which is just like a wall. When anything passed through the sensor and the wall, it will hinder the acoustic and the ultrasonic sensor could detect the interrupt and then we will be aware of the object.

The other point we should take into consideration is the factor about vibration. Whether it is the sensor itself or the surrounding mechanical vibration, they will all affect the accuracy of the distance measurement. In this kind of situation, you can consider taking some damping measures. For example, we could use rubber seismic equipment to make a base for the ultrasonic sensors and ultrasonic transducers. You can also use the stable stick to reducing vibration lever eliminates or minimizes vibration.

When the ambient temperature has slowly changing, the temperature compensation ultrasonic sensor or ultrasonic proximity sensor could have some adjustments. But if the temperature changing is too fast, the ultrasonic proximity sensor will not be able to make quick adjustments.

As we all know, the sound waves may be reflected by near objects such as rail or fixture. In order to ensure the reliability of detection of ultrasonic proximity sensor, we must reduce or exclude the impact of the surrounding objects and sound reflection. In order to avoid the error detection of the surrounding objects, many ultrasonic sensor has equipped with a LED indicator to let the installation operator to ensure that the sensor is correctly installed. is a long-term focus on the ultrasonic sensor / ultrasonic transducer development, researching application, manufacture and sales company. Our ultrasonic sensor products are widely used in distance detection, burglar alarm, smart toys, liquid and gas flow testing, wind speed and direction detection, automatic control, ultrasonic anemometer and other fields. Because of the stable performance, excellent quality, we got deep trust of customers around the world.



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