The Main Types Of Fabric Cutters

In the past, textile practitioners could only use scissors in cutting out pieces of fabric. However, major leaps in technology have contributed to significant advancement in this sector. From laser fabric cutting machines to electric and non electric machines, businesses in the industry now have a wide variety of options when it comes to equipment for fabric cutting. Below are the most commonly used fabric cutting machines:

Laser Fabric Cutting Machines

In using a laser fabric cutting machine, the job can be done quickly and swiftly without having any metal touch the fabric. While the machine is in operation, a high powered laser is applied and this causes melting away of the section that needs to be cut out. Although such machines are largely used in industrial applications, they can be used in smaller establishments as well. The main advantage of using this device is that while it cuts the fabric, it also seals it immediately meaning theres no room left for fraying. Other than that, it helps one to complete the process fast, safely and in a precise manner.

Electric Fabric Cutting Machines

An alternative to the laser machine, this type of fabric cutter operates using a blade and is also a much cheaper alternative. Both businesses and individual users can benefit from the automated electric cutting machine because it is not only efficient, but it is also very easy to run. The equipment comes with a knife and a sharpener that helps ensure that the blade remains sharp throughout, and it can be used on all sorts of material regardless of thickness.

Non Electric Fabric Cutting Machines

For an establishment dealing with small projects, a non electric fabric cutter can be a great idea. Most of these kinds are portable and hand held. Other than that, they offer a lot of flexibility and can therefore be very useful in cutting out intricate designs. There are also guillotine fabric cutters which work in a way similar to the regular guillotine. When the blade descends on the fabric, it employs force which gets the fabric cut. Someone who does sewing from home can also profit from this sort of fabric cutter.

Fabric cutting machines are very easy to use and they can be used for cutting multi-layers at a time this stands as a key advantage when the equipments is used for businesses purposes.

In using these fabric cutting machine, the cutting process is significantly speeded up as well. Once the fabric has been cut out, a zig zag sewing machine may be applied.

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