The Home Cleaning Process

Home cleaning can be a daunting task which most people tend to put off till the clutter becomes unbearable. One might think cleaning the house is an innate skill – you just grow up and know how to clean; on the contrary, it is a skill that is developed over time, either by watching our parents clean and helping out or learning on our own.

The first step of cleaning is to draw up a schedule dividing cleaning duties into daily routines and weekly or monthly tasks. Dont want until a molehill becomes a mountain before you start to clean up. This way, cleaning becomes a part and parcel of you instead of a back-breaking “event.”

My cleaning starts with the kitchen, even while cooking I clean spills immediately before they dry up; and I make sure that dishes used for cooking are washed immediately: as soon as I use the knife, the chopping board or cooking spoons I wash them immediately. After cooking, when the stove has cooled, I also make sure I clean all the remaining spills. After the meal, dirty dishes are cleaned up before the next cooking is done; as a rule I never allow dirty dishes to sleep over.

Cleaning my kitchen is a continuous process and is not limited to a schedule like the other parts of my house.

The bathroom gets cleaned once a week and it is important the right cleaning tools are used. For the toilet you should have your rubber hand gloves, the toilet brush, a hard brush and a soft brush, toilet cleaning fluid and detergent. The toilet is first flushed then the toilet cleaning fluid is applied round the inside of the toilet bowl. I then allow the toilet to soak for about thirty minutes then use the toilet brush to scrub the insides of the bowl. The soaking process allows stubborn stains to be removed, leaving my toilet sparkling new. I use the hard bush on the tiles, sink and outsides of the toilet bowl to remove stains, followed by a touch with a softer brush to get better results. If the floor of the bathroom is very dirty I will advice that you soak with soapy water and a strong disinfectant.

For the other parts of my house I dont put that much effort into cleaning, I schedule a day in the week – usually weekends – and do the cleaning then. You should remember to clean from the top down so as to avoid doing the job all over again. I dont have cobweb infestation, but for those than do, use an insecticide to kill the spiders, and then use a broom to clean the cobwebs. De-clutter the bedroom or the living room by arranging the sofas and other things that are out of place, this is followed by dusting. I use a duster to gently wipe down the tables, the curtains and the electronics, after which I use a damp napkin to wipe down. Cleaning the floors depends largely on the material the floor is made of and what I want to achieve. For ceramic tiled floors I use a broom to sweep the floor and get rid of dust and small particles, followed by a mop soaked in detergent and antiseptic to clean. For waxing of ceramic floors that are faded I call in the professionals, and the same goes for floors made of wooden tiles. For floors covered with rugs I first hand pick large objects on the floor and vacuum to remove the smaller particles.

Once you keep up the routine, you will get used to it and with time it will get less tedious and could even be fun. If you are in search of more information on this, please click on the website below: Home Cleaning Beaverton

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