The expert would tell people the origin and history of the beautiful wedding dress

Most of people should not know more about the history and original of the wedding dresses such as Bridesmaids Dresses. Today, the high reputation online seller for wedding dress which website is would let people know about the story about the wedding dress.

In the afternoon of one day in the sixteenth century, the noble of Irish had hunted in a town in the north of Ireland. On the way for hunting, these nobles have met with Miss Rose who had washed clothes near the river. The Richard Earl who is one of these nobles had suddenly fallen in love with this girl at first sight. He has been attracted by the innocent and elegance captivated of Miss Rose. At the same time, Miss Rose had also been attracted by tall and handsome Richard Earl. After the hunting, these nobles had returned to palace of the Count. The Richard Earl could not sleep at night and he missed the beautiful Miss Rose. However, their love affair could not be accepted by the feudal society. But this noble had gathered his courage to ask the marring request to Miss Rose.

People should have puzzle that how does this story related to the WEDDING DRESSES. However, let the story continue. This matter had Ball Gowns made Royal family in an uproar. All of the noble family had defended this kind of situation. As Earl’s insistence, the royal had presented an almost impossible demand which is that they hope Miss Rose sewing in a white robe overnight. However, there had not existed the wedding dress habit. After this kind of request, Richard Earl had become disillusioned with his marriage.

But then Miss Rose did not feel disappointing. Actually, she had gathered all of town residents who stayed up all night together to sew out one pair of wedding dress which was very fine with the gorgeous atmosphere. This wedding dress was one set of 16 meters royal white robe. When this white robe had been sent to Ireland on the following day, all of the royal family members had deeply moved and impressed by the design concept of the emotion of Miss Rose. This is the origin of the world’s first wedding dresses.

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