The Different Types of Glass Beads Available

As their name simply suggests, glass beads are essentially made of glass. Many processes are involved in forming the glass balls such as lamp working, furnace heating, molding and more. Due to their versatility, these beads are used for making a large plethora of jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and bangles among others. The top attributes of glass beads that make them a favorite for many include their simplicity, beautification and consistency in design.

Some even associated these beads as a show of care, concern and affection and can be given as a gift for transferring emotions and feelings. If you are thinking of using glass beads for your next beading project, it is important that you know the different options available on the market in order to decide what is more suitable for you.

Artistic style beads

Most people simply call these glass beads as handcrafted beads and just as you might imagine, these beads are very artistic in nature. You will find them available in many different designs, prints and patterns. Compared to other types of beads, these ones come with a more artistry nature, they are available in multiple colors and large selection of shapes such as square, discs, twists and cylinder.

Alphabet shaped beads

These ones are otherwise referred to as letter heads and have shapes of the English alphabets with some creations possessing a carved letter nicely printed over them. When you buy these glass beads, you will realize that they give jewelry pieces a more personalized touch. They are ideal for making many different items such as pendants and necklaces and the end product is always fantastic, beautiful and great in nature.

Fish shaped beads

Fish shaped glass beads actually resemble the shape of a fish and will feature tail and fine like structures. These beads are ideally fabricated from top quality soft glass with their middle portion featuring a hole. You will be amazed by the many colors and designs of these beads available on the market and you can be sure that you are never limited of choices.

Heart shaped beads

If you want to express your undying love to your loved partner, there is no better way to do so that to buy them jewelry designed with the heart shaped glass beads. The unique heart shape appeals to people’s emotions in a major way and influences the person magically. So for your valentine day, consider giving your woman a beautiful heart beaded necklace.

There are many other different types of glass beads available on the market that are certainly worthy consideration such as crystal beads, Venetian beads and others that can be used for making decorative items and jewelry items.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick