The development path and unusual company culture of lululemon

The lululemon is known as the first professional sports brand in Canada. In North America, this brand has become the first choice for the yoga, fitness and other sports apparel. In China, many people are willing to save money to buy one LV and GUCCI bag. But, in Canada, girls are more willing to use their money to buy one pair of lululemon pants or the lululemon jacket.

The data from the market research firm have shown that the lululemon’s hardcore fans would spend 92 US dollar to buy one of the brand’s sports pants. The price of one pair of other famous brand pants is about 60 US dollar. Lululemon has countless loyal fans and they have also organized numerous free yoga, the Pula Ti and Salsa dance exercise classes. On the other hand, they have also published the concepts and methods of universal health movement. With the development of the online shopping, the lululemon outlet and online business have also become more and more popular. The website is the professional online supplier for the wholesale lululemon clothing. If you want to buy the lululemon athletic, lululemon jacket and other lululemon discount. You could browse this website.

In 1998, the Canadian businessman whose name is Dennis Wilson had taken part in a yoga class. But he found that the majority of students were wearing sportswear which was made of cotton polyester blended fabric. As we all know, this kind of garment is neither personal nor too perspiration. So, Wilson had produced one pair of black women’s yoga pants and the textile materials which the pants breathable fit. Soon, lululemon canada was founded in Vancouver. The company had opened a small design studio, retail stores and yoga training hall.

As the reason that the company had been closed to their customer, the company had soon gained the local acclaimed. Soon, the Lululemon had expanded to other cities. The joint forces of the local yoga master are the key to winning.

“To listen to the sound from the bottom of the society” is the most important part in lululemon corporate culture. In Vancouver, in a very ordinary Sunday, the high end staff of lululemon scramble in the dressing room to help the customer fold the side of the pants which is a common business process from the top management, financial accounting to the design team, each employee of the company should work at least eight hours in the retail shop in each month. This requirement is not unusual for a big enterprise. May be this kind of situation is the reflecting on the culture of this company. – Wholesale Lululemon clothing,Toms shoes,UGG boots,Ray-Ban,Oakley Sunglasses…And other brand clothing. High quality at very cheap price.




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