The definition and standard of the best rugged smart phone

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Due to the high repairing fee for nowadays smart phone, more and more people want to buy the smart phone with high quality. The publishing of rugged phone would be meet the need of those people who want to have high quality waterproof phone or tough phones. As the commonly explaining, the definition of rugged smart phone would be very simple which means that the best rugged smart phone is with resistance for slight dust, shocking and waterproof. This kind of wholesale rugged phone is mainly for young users who love the outdoors activities or sports.

From the website , we have found that this kind of wholesale rugged smart phone is used for professional users with special needs. Its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent resistance to anti- rolling performance has made the wholesale waterproof smart phone be capable of the application for extremely bad weather conditions and the special occasions. If you want to buy waterproof phone, the website we have told you before would be your best choice.

As we all know, the rugged phone could be divided into two main categories. Today, we will introduce you with these types of rugged smart phone one by one.The first kind is the ordinary waterproof phones. All of the major brands have launched the ordinary tough phones. But its features and special functions for waterproof, dustproof and falling resistance can only achieve a slight effect. This kind of rugged phone is only keep pace with the trend of the fashion in the market. It not has significant difference with the ordinary mobile phones on the market.

The second kind is the professionalrugged smartphone. No matter at the factors of shape and the protection function for this phone, this phone could distinct from the ordinary mobile phone. This kind of tough phones can even withstand soaked in water for a certain period of time and the car rolling. Its target audience is professional the outdoor climbing wading and adventure sports lovers. There are also part of the people who like the military prefer to choose the best rugged smart phone because of its unique shape and powerful physique.

The standard for outdoor wholesale rugged phone can be attributed to the following: 1. IP – XX waterproof and dustproof seal standard which we also call it the universal waterproof and dustproof seal standard for outdoor electronic products. 2. The Rugged Phone Standard. 3. Outdoor Environment Performance Test which is means that the producer has added the drop, rolling, vibration testing standards on the basis of IP-XX seal standard. 4. MIL-STD-810F which is the environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests. – Runbo have waterpoof smatphone and best rugged smartphone manufacturers in china.wholesale waterproof rugged mobile phones from tough cell phone suppliers.


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