The Cheapest Way To Clean Carpet

Unlike tile or hardwood floors, carpet can be hard to clean. Dust, small rocks, hair, and leaves can be dragged in on shoes or animals paws and get buried deep in the carpet. Although the house may seem clean, even with regular home cleaning, there are loads of dirt particles in everyones carpets and sometimes even bad odors. This is not only dirty, but can be horrible if you have any allergies. However, there are great methods available that can help you clean your carpet and have it looking and smelling like new again.

The key to keeping your carpet clean is in owning a good vacuum. Water vacuums are a great way to keep your carpets clean, and although they are more expensive, it is worth knowing they are going to get the job done right. Water vacuums are great as they not only suck dust out of the carpet, but produce moisture which slightly dampens the carpet and pulls more dirt out. A great water vacuum currently on the market is the Rainbow Vacuum.

This vacuum is not only a water vacuum, but works as a carpet cleaner and humidifier as well. When you live in a home with carpets, it is important that you clean them with a carpet cleaner every once in awhile. Carpet cleaners give your carpets a thorough wash, just like the washing machine washes your clothing. You usually run the regular vacuum first, and then run the carpet cleaner, which can pull up dirt the ordinary vacuum cannot. Using a carpet cleaner can even pull out stains and odors from, leaving your carpet almost like new.

The Rainbow carpet cleaner is great, as it is not big like a lot of other carpet cleaners, and it is very easy to store, not to mention voted one of the most efficient vacuums and carpet cleaners. If you do not have a rainbow vacuum with a carpet cleaner, than you can hire one at a law cost, or even hire someone to bring their own carpet cleaner, and do the job for you. If you are vacuuming and using a carpet cleaner every so often, than that is the best way to keep your carpet clean and limit the cost of maintenance.

Keeping up with dusting and making sure you do not wear your muddy shoes, or allow messy food on the carpet can help too, as it will reduce the amount of wear on the carpet, but sometimes a little dirt is inevitable. If you are in between cleans and accidentally spill something on your carpet, there are also bottles of cleaning products that claim they can get coffee and food stains, out of just about any carpet. Most of these products foam up and you rub and rinse the affected area. However, these products are not meant to clean the whole carpet, and it is still important you use an appropriate carpet cleaner every so often.

Although the upkeep of carpet is not as easy as keeping hardwood floors may be, it is possible, and having comfy carpet to walk around on is very well worth the extra home cleaning work. Resident of Lake Oswego area, should visit the local Lake Oswego website – Home Cleaning Lake Oswego

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