The Benefits Of EMV

EMV is a global standard that deals with authentication of financial transactions through credit and debit cards. The EMV smart card chip reader was designed to hold generic transactions as well as be backward compatible. From the engineering perspective, the EMV standard defines the hierarchy of levels involved in electronic financial transaction. In terms of compatibility, EMV smart card chip reader can process transactions from some of the most widely used cards in Australia: MasterCard, VISA and JCB. Having an EMV smart card reader has a number of benefits as discussed in this article.

Consumers are secure

The EMV standard provides greater security against fraudulent transactions. Whereas the magnetic card that requires the card holder’s signature and number for the transaction is vulnerable to illegal transactions.

The PIN authentication through an EMV smart card reader and the implementation of cryptographic algorithms makes the standard more secure. During EMV smart card reading, the pin to be read is embedded onto the chip thus making the whole process less vulnerable to fraud. To add more, the person in whose name the EMV card is issued can assist the transaction through PIN disclosure. In cases of illegitimate transactions, the card holder has to prove unquestionably that they were not present at the time of transaction. According to Australian fraud statistics, the chip technology present in the EMV standard has reduced the fraud cases by 25%, from $50 million to $37 million. The benefit of the technology is obvious. Furthermore, there are many variants of the authentication process. So, EMV allows the customer to decide which authentication method to subscribe to. The EMV standard and protocol allows disputes to be resolved easily. The protocol is engineered in such a way as to avoid transaction discrepancies. Even if there are irregularities, the problem can be traced very easily.

EMV brings convenience to the customer

The control is in the hands of the customer. EMV allows the cardholder to be involved and monitor the process of transaction being made through an EMV smart card chip reader. On the contrary, with magnetic credit cards, the merchant feeds all the data for purchases. Thus, EMV eliminates the reluctance customers feel while giving away their credit cards to the merchants. Furthermore, merchants are saved from the hassle of committing errors that creates inconvenience.

Say no to queues

EMV brings low transaction latency. The system works faster than a transaction being made through a magnetic card system. So, at grocery stores, it cuts down the waiting for Australian shoppers. Furthermore, it eliminates the reluctance customers feel while giving away their credit cards to the merchants.


Through EMV technology, global interoperability comes into play. It is perhaps the greatest advantage after security. EMV is the ‘green card’ for financial transactions. Australians can make purchases abroad and similarly foreign visitors can use their EMV card in any retail shop where an EMV smart card reader exists. The technology is simply awesome as it gives consumers the freedom they want.

It is high time this technology gets widespread acceptance in Australia. The given website address has more details of your expectations: EMV smart card chip reader.

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