The Back Pages, a Gripping Web Series That Presents Thought Provoking Stories

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(November 29, 2017) – The Back Pages is an interesting amalgamation of fantasy and science fiction stories with unique supernatural twists making it edgy. The web series is inspired by the very popular television series such as The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, The Back Pages effectively takes the viewers on gripping journeys that flabbergast, make one ponder, bringing inspiration and hope for the modern generations. Its funding needs are exemplified in Kicktstarter, the world’s largest funding platform.

The first season of the series has already been launched and the creators of the show are currently working on the second season of the show. The writer and director T.L. Green is already working on five new stories for the new season. As the makers are working on the new scripts, the crew is also getting ready for filming the new season by collaborating with multiple local filmmakers. The second season is slated to be even bigger and better.

The project of The Back Pages aims to present interesting, hope filled stories to the audience that encourage them to question their long-established values, raise questions, re-think, and ponder about the way they are shaping their lives, living it. By telling great stories that is gripping, makes one to ask questions, re-think life’s disposition, The Back Pages focus on sparking the imagination of the audience. The project also aims to inspire young filmmakers who are looking to narrate gripping stories, with their creative juices flowing.

Currently The Back Pages project is looking for Kickstarter funding for the filming of the second season. With a greater budget, the project will be able to tell more interesting stories that are filled with creative imagination. The project now has a pledged goal of $50000 and is ready to offer special prizes to anyone who can contribute to achieve the goal.

About The Back Pages Season 2:
The Back Pages Season 2 is a web series that aims to present through provoking stories that explore various genres like fantasy and science fiction. It has launched its Kickstarter funding program.

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The Back Pages is a web series that aims to tell interesting stories that become a source of inspiration for all.  

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