26658The Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer for a Truck Ticket

Whether or not you are not a California resident, it is mandatory to know that California has been very strict on commercial drivers. Speeding tickets in the USA have generated about $6 million. Speeding tickets and overweight tickets are some of the most common violations CDL drivers receive. If the driver chooses to contest the ticket without a lawyer there is a big chance they will be issued points on their record as well as a suspension at their job. Traffic lawyers can assist with your truck ticket. The attorneys at Ticket Beaters are there to help you with the process from A-Z. There are many reasons why drivers must hire a truck ticket lawyer.

1. Less premium

It is a fact that most insurance firms will tend to raise the premium based on the violations and driving background a driver has had. Paying for fines of moving violations such as overweight tickets or speeding tickets increases CDL driver’s insurance. This is where an attorney can assist you. They will fight to prevent points on your license and save your career. Violations will damage your driving record in California and insurance companies will raise your insurance.

2. Enjoy a clean background

Most driving jobs nowadays require a clean background. CDL drivers who have received 12 points in 2 years will have their license suspended which means you will u lose your job if you lose your license. Ticket lawyers can help, as they understand the matter and the law clearly. They will work and attempt to dismiss your case or prevent the points on your record.

3. Saves a lot of time

If a CDL driver receives a ticket it is wise to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. The courts give priority to attorneys and will work to fix your traffic matter as quickly as possible.

4. Great deals

There is an essential advantage in having a lawyer at trial. An attorney will accept the case and will notify you with updates throughout the process. The chances of having your case dismissed or reduced is much higher with an attorney than going by yourself.

Truck Ticket : Very often speeding tickets as well as overweight tickets are issued to CDL drivers. It is quite common for insurance firms to increase insurance premium based on the violations and driving background a driver has had. When you pay for moving violations such as Overweight ticket or speeding tickets it will add points to your record and increase your insurance premium.


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