TELX Telecom Introduces Cost-Effective Conference Solution with Advanced VOIP Service

Miami, FL (June 2019) – TELX Telecom, a forefront company in the field of cutting-edge IP Phone services has recently announced its cost-effective conference solution for small and medium scale businesses in the US. The newly introduced advanced Business VOIP Service by the company is definitely a great relief for small and mid-sized businesses that are concerned about huge telephone bills every month. According to the statements shared by one of the leading Business Phone Service Providers, the businesses located in Miami, Florida and other parts of the United States can leverage this cost-effective conference solution for smooth handling of the calls and executive functions. The company hinges on innovative hosted PBX phone system which is quite easy-to-use. The system allows the employees in a workplace to remotely handle incoming calls, put the call on hold and do all the other functions like the traditional PBX phone system but keeping the cost minimized. For the businesses that often needs to be connected with the remotely working employees or want a constant communication solution with all the branches in a specific region, the Voice Over Ip Service is indeed a great solution.

Sharing more details about its new service, TELX Telecom says there are numerous benefits of choosing an IP Service company over Telephone Companies in Miami as with VOIP Cloud Service, the businesses don’t have to deal with the unwanted nuisances of the complete set of equipment for PBX phone system, phone bills that cost an arm and a leg, poor quality of calls in specific seasons or weather conditions, high maintenance and more. With VOIP service, customers can experience the best quality conference calling even for the remote areas with reduced cost of phone calls. Their services are highly reliable and affordable. When a business chooses to get a New VOIP Phone Service from TELX Telecom, the company will provide complete installation and training to the employees working in the workplace and give free demo for the process. Apart from this, the company will offer 24×7 support, on demand call recordings of 90 days, eFax Solution, unlimited extensions, call center modules, unlimited voice mail to email and so forth.

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TELX Telecom is a well-equipped and one of the leading Business Phone Service Providers in Miami, Florida. The company provides avant-garde Voice Over Ip Service for small and medium scale businesses in different parts of the US.

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TELX Telecom is a well-equipped and one of the leading Business Phone Service Providers in Miami, Florida. Visit website


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