Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd Unveils Exciting Products

Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd has offered useful information about its Plural Component Spray Systems that can have versatile uses for clients.

Telansen, the first manufacturer of industrial paint spraying equipment, in China has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Its products like airless paint pump, airless paint spraying equipment, plural component spray, internal pipe coating machine, industrial paint sprayer, internal pipe blasting, two components airless sprayer, glue adhesive spray machine and more have been lapped up by clients. Thanks to the quality of workmanship, its airless sprayer covered 60% domestic market share for pricing as well as long life.

But besides the quality, what makes Telansen products widely accepted is the fact that they are versatile in their use. For example, its Plural Component Pump can lead to three types of coatings. These 100% SBV coatings have little or hardly any volatile organic compounds, which is exactly what today’s conscious clients look for. Moreover the quality of these coatings is impeccable and long lasting as well.

The first type of coating achieved through Plural Component Sprayer from Telansen is Epoxy, which has a base like a resin and an activator like hardener or converter. Polyeurethane, another two component coating, can be formed by a combination of isocyanate and polyol resin. Finally, Polyurea, a fast set coating is a blend of isocyanate and amine resin. Each of these coatings has its merits for users, who can choose them for their specific requirements.

When it comes to Plural Component Spray Equipment, users have access to two basic types. Mechanical proportioners or fixed ratio equipments are one of them, while Electronic proportioners or dosing units are another. Both these equipments have the same functionality and remain quite simple to use. To get started, one can add the coating components to the unit. They then get circulated, heated and proportioned to the exact ratio required. The components are finally mixed and the coating is applied to have the desired impact.

Telansen thus ensures that clients can make the best of the cutting edge technology in the field conveniently and without any hassle involved.

About Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd

It is the first manufacturer in China of industrial paint spraying equipment, and has a variety of products that have made their mark in the industry.

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