Technologies Hive Becomes Top Name in Offering Professional Penetration Testing Security Consultancy Services

October 18, 2017 – Technologies Hive, a provider of information-based security solutions to private and public sector agencies, has become a top provider of professional penetrationtesting security consultancy services. The company has also offered services to U.S. Government Agency.

Its Government project was a long term fare, and included Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment of external and internal infrastructure and Security Operational Center organization with security consultation for possible improvements in security as well as assistance with staff training and security policy. The company also assisted in getting SANS certificates for security awareness for every employee and in the integration of Identity and Access Security Management Service.

Technologies Hive has been offering high-end and streamlined solutions to organizations by preparing PCI DSS audit armed with pentesting services and professional security scans. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is necessary to protect a costomer’s payment card data so that it is not mis-utilised by hackers. Penetration testing and information security services are ion high demand and this top-rated company has been delivering the needs of clients, seamlessly.

Technologies Hive found out and took care of more than 100 important vulnerabilities during Penetration testing and VA execution. The company also created special courses for security training of staffs for customers, and boost their knowledge in Information Security.

Technologies Hive has customers from the U.S, Europe and various other continents and countries. The company takes pride in completing 100% of its projects, with 75% of customers coming from the US alone and swearing by the effectiveness of its services. Other than penetration tests, the company has proficient staffs who are experts in mobile software development services for Windows, Android, iOS and various other platforms that are ruling the mobile industry.

The company also offers HIPAA compliance services, and has expertise in healthcare IT infrastructure security improvement. It also assists commercial and financial organizations for making more secure infrastructure, and saving more money and time. Technologies Hive can help customers in preparing for auditing. It also helps customers with critical APIs, online wallets, online banking and Payment Gateways, and in everything associated to the security of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In the last few years, Technologies Hive has satisfied thousands of customers from across the globe and from different sectors. It offers highly adaptable and technologically attractive solutions that can improve data security for customers and help them rest assured about the confidentiality of their business. In the Internet Age, data security has become a major issue and the experienced professionals at Technologies Hive can offer hassle-free services that can cover all the informational security needs of clients. The company is intent on making business environments safer when it comes to information, and is constantly using newer technologies to drive growth in data security.

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Technologies Hive is a company focused on providing customers with the best information security solutions, such as Mobile Security, Billing Security, PCI DSS and HIPAA. It has satisfied clients across the globe.

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