Teagosa, The World’s Number One Coffee-Tea Blend Drink Is Looking for Funds

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(December 22, 2017)-Teagosa is a type of coffee-tea blend that is formulated to provide with enhanced cognitive abilities and superior intake of antioxidants. Teagosa also comes with a wider range of flavor profiles. Developed by Eric and Bernadette, the idea behind Teagosa was to create a rich blend of tea and coffee that can present with the nutritional benefits of both drinks. With this product, one can enjoy the bold and rich flavors of premium quality dark roast coffee while at the same time have subtle elements of tea that make the drink totally stand out from others. With Teagosa, one can find an even wider range of flavors that are otherwise not associated with coffee. This project is looking for funders and encouragement at Kickstarter.

Currently numerous different flavors are being developed for this unique blend of coffee and tea which include coffee and jasmine tea, coffee and sencha tea, coffee and English breakfast tea and many others. With these beverages, one gets to enjoy the full benefits of tea. Tea consists of powerful cognitive enhancers L-theanine and EGCG which can help in increasing attention span, improve memory, and boost learning capabilities. EGCG can also change a person’s brain patterns, and put him or her in an attentive yet relaxed state of mind. The Teagosa product is brewed like coffee and therefore it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

The Teagosa project is currently seeking Kickstarter funding to help with its developmental and marketing goals. The pledged goal amount that Teagosa project is looking to achieve is about US$ 12,427. The owners of the project are looking to achieve this goal by January 19 2018.

About Teagosa
Teagosa is a project that focuses on creating a unique coffee-tea blend. The owners of this project are currently seeking funding for their developmental goals.

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Teagosa is a unique coffee-tea blend that combines the benefits of tea with coffee. The owners of the Teagosa project are seeking Kickstarter funding to meet their developmental and operational goals and make this project a grand success.

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