Sullivan Building & Design Announces Its Expanded New Home Construction And Remodeling Services

Sullivan Building & Design recently announced that it is expanding its new home construction and remodeling services. According to Sullivan, building a new home can be a stressful and sometimes frightening experience. The company indicated that its expanded new home construction services are intended to help homeowners through this experience. The company stated that it stays up to date with the latest building codes and materials.

Sullivan went on to announce that its expanded new home construction services include in-house design, though the company also works with local architects and designers. The company stated that it also uses a group of subcontractors that it has handpicked after thirteen years of working in Talbot County. Sullivan stated that these subcontractors include masons, electricians, plumbers, and roofers. The company indicated that these subcontractors are fully licensed and insured.

Sullivan Building & Design announced that, after the design process is complete, it works with the customer to select the desired materials and finishes. The company mentioned that, once that process is complete, it then applies for a permit to get the project started. Sullivan stated that, during this time, it maintains contact with the customer, either in person or via email. Sullivan also said that this expanded process includes sending photos of the project’s progress via email. Sullivan stated that it strives to keep clients informed of all aspects of the project. Further company information is located at

Sullivan stated that, as part of its expanded new home construction and remodeling services, it has made samples of recent new builds and remodels available on its website. The company indicated that it made these samples available so that those in the Talbot County area can see a visual representation of the company’s expanded services.

Sullivan Building & Design went on to provide some company information. The company indicated that it has been serving Talbot County, MD and surrounding area for over fifteen years. Sullivan Building & Design went on to state that its staff members have a combined seventy-five years of experience in the building and design industry. Sullivan Building & Design also said that it offers many services, including home construction, home improvement, window installation, design services, and cabinetry. They can be followed at

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Company: Sullivan Building & Design
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