Stove Top Grill Benefits

Besides being lots of fun, cooking on a gas grill is fast and easy. Starting a gas grill is also fast and easy, and the post-grill cleanup process is not extensive. Charcoal grills are well-known for the fabulous smoky flavor they impart to food, but much can also be said about being able to cook food with maximum convenience and speed. Indeed, certain foods taste especially great when cooked on a stove top grill.


Some people prefer charcoal grills for cooking steaks due to the smoky food flavor. However, a gas grill actually gets the job done quicker and with more precision. Gas grills get hotter than their charcoal counterparts, and this cooks steaks with more accuracy. Whether you prefer rare, medium-rare, or well done, a gas grill can cook your steaks to perfection


Corn-on-the-cob is great when wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked on a gas grill. This is because such grills cook very evenly and leave behind an awesome flavor all over the corn. This corn takes just minutes to cook on a gas-powered grill because of the high temperature. This means that you can just toss it on your gas grill at the last minute and still enjoy corn with your meal.


Stove top potato boiling can take an eternity and your potatoes may still come out half-done. However, wrapping potatoes in aluminum foil and cooking them on a gas grill cooks them thoroughly within minutes — without the need to add water. Water used for stove top potato boiling detracts from the flavor of the potatoes, but when wrapped in foil and grilled, no water is needed and butter or spices may also be added for seasoning.


No matter what type of meat or vegetable is cooked on a kabob, the gas-powered grill can cook them to perfection. As this type of grill has such a high temperature, the meat cooks fast enough that the veggies do not burn while it cooks. This ensures even cooking and great taste for all ingredients.


Chicken is perfect for gas grill cooking. Temperatures may be adjusted to ensure a perfectly-cooked chicken. A good technique is to use the maximum heat during the first few minutes after the chicken is placed on the grill. Then, turn the temperature down for the remainder of the cooking time. This method creates the ideal sear and gives the interior of the chicken a delicious caramelized taste.

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