Special Gear For Firefighters – For Men

Being a fireman, whether its as a profession or as a volunteer or whether you are a city, country or suburb fireman or even a fire team for forest fires – its a dangerous job – and yet someone has to do it. Just like most of the other dangerous professions out there (military, spec ops, police) you need attire and gear that you can rely on no matter what kind of a situation you are in. In fact, a lot of times, you might need something that is multi-faceted because you really dont know what is behind that door, or how much the wind is going to blow the fire that way, or how many people are in the vicinity to help. Because of that, companies like Black Diamond and Irish Setter are always making new products that are designed just for you. If you want, you can take a look below and check out some of the newest items:

Black Diamond Boots: Men’s 0912 X2 Leather Steel Toe Kevlar Lined Waterproof Firefighter Boot: The floor of a burning building can be littered with dangerous objects, just waiting to pierce or puncture your feet. Thats why these boots have a double-ridged steel shank along with a protective plate which features Lenzi puncture protection. They also have a Fire Tuff flame retardant, waterproof, heavyweight leather upper; along with a Fusion Upper made out of Nomex/Kevlar and Teflon; and a CROSSTECH membrane with Omaha lining. Their Strobel lining construction ensures that there will be NO liner pull-out, along with maximum fit and comfort. Theyre also Kevlar lined for cut protection.

Black Diamond Boots: Men’s 9451 Steel Toe Insulated Kevlar Lined Waterproof Rubber Firefighter Boot: Black Diamonds goal in designing these boots was two-fold: Maximum Comfort, and Accurate Fit. They accomplished this through the many features they included. For starters: A larger, naturally shaped steel toe cap allows for complete freedom of toe movement. And the heel is anatomically tapered to hold your feet snugly and comfortably in place, eliminating heel slippage. Waterproof rubber assures your feet will stay dry so you can keep your focus on something more important than your boots, like fighting fires.

ESS Sunglasses: Men’s Mirrored Lens ANSI Safety Sunglasses EE9006 05: ESS 5B Sunglasses aren’t just for soldiers, cops and fictional characters fighting Agent Smith. Each day, nearly 2,000 civilian American workers suffer the pain of avoidable workplace eye injuries that require medical treatment. In fact, nearly three out of every five workers who experienced eye injuries were wearing either the wrong kind of eye protection or no protection at all at the time of the accident. The ESS 5B Sunglasses will safeguard your vision with ballistic 2.2mm high-impact fixed Polycarbonate lenses that provide superior impact protection and are compliant with U.S. military and OSHA standards for protective eyewear.

Special Gear For Firefighters – For Men



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